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  Vic Darchinyan Looks Good In Victory Over Perez

By Carlos Cordoba
Photos: Marlene Marquez


Vic Darchinyan told anyone that would listen that he would knockout former IBF Bantamweight champion Yonnhy “El Colombiano” Perez prior to tonight’s main event. So did Yonnhy Perez, he personally told this writer that the fight would end with him victorious by way of technical knockout. It turns out that both fighters were wrong. The fight did not end with a TKO.

Vic Darchinyan 36-3-1, 28KO’s won a unanimous decision against Yonnhy Perez 20-2-1, 14KO’s in a scheduled 12 round Bantamweight bout for the vacant IBO Bantamweight Championship. The scrap was held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

This fight was originally slated to be the televised undercard of an event that was supposed to crown the winner of the four men Showtime Bantamweight Tournament. The main event was believed to be headlined by current IBF Bantamweight Champion Joseph Abgeko 28-2, 22KO’s and Golden Boy’s Abner Mares 21-0-1, 13KO’s. Abgeko was eventually scratched from the card after it was discovered that he was suffering from a condition called Sciatica days before he was to defend his title against Mares. The latter sent tremors throughout the boxing community. Consequently, the boxing media scrambled to find out if the entire card was going to be canceled. Golden Boy Promotions made fruitless attempts to find a last minute replacement for Abner Mares. The event was eventually cleared and in the process the Showtime Bantamweight Tournament consolidation fight became the cards main event. Both fighters were relieved knowing that they would have the opportunity to act upon their statements; albeit, only one fighter walked the talk.

It was Vic Darchinyan! He began the fight the obvious stronger fighter. The Armenian was able to connect on several awkward left hooks that got a rise out of the pro-Armenian crowd. Darchinyan’s aggression forced Yonnhy Perez to fight against the ropes on several occasion throughout the fight. It was vividly clear that Yonnhy Perez was not in the fight. He was flat and unbalanced in his attack. Vic took advantage of the latter in the second round.

Darchinyan was able to land a short left hook as Perez was retreating followed by a push that knocked the former IBF champ to the ground. Referee Jerry Cantu scored the push a knockdown. From there on it was all Darchinyan.

Yonnhy Perez at times looked like he was going to be able to handle Vic’s aggression; however, Darchinyan would always stifle his attacks. This was vivid in round number three. Yonnhy came out the box animated and more active than he had been in the first two rounds but he had nothing to match Vic’s aggression. Surprisingly, Perez’s supporters were able to drown the cheers of the Armenian fans as they tried to encourage their fighter. They soon would quiet every time Vic hit Perez with one of his many awkward punches or when Vic peppered Perez with blow after blow as he lay against the ropes. Such was the case in round number four were an over hand left hook landed and hushed Perez’s supporters. Vic later landed a looping left hook in the same round that electrified his own fans. The fight was stopped 1:07 into round number five after an incidental head bunt caused a nasty cut above the former champ’s right eye. Per California boxing commission, the fight has to go to the score cards if it is stopped after the fourth round due to an incidental head bunt. All three judges scored the bout 50-44 in favor of Vic Darchinyan.

Darchinyan looked strong, quick, and confident against Perez. He had previously stated that he would revert back to his old fighting style against the former champ. He did just that and it proved to be very effective against an opponent who has beaten Joseph Agbeko and pulled out a competitive draw against Abner Mares; the two fighters that have handed him his last two defeats.

“It’s good to be back with my brawling style” said Darchinyan in his post fight interview. “He hit me with some big punches but I didn’t feel them.”

He went on to comment about the stoppage and signaled that Perez had quit and didn’t want to fight him after the head bunt. Those comments did not amuse some at ringside, especially Dr. Wallace who was the ringside physician and came to Perez’s defense.

“Perez suffered an arterial bleed (caused by the incidental head bunt),” said Dr. Paul Wallace. “One of his blood vessels had been cut and was pumping blood into his eye. It (stoppage) was a safety issue. He (Yonnhy Perez) gave no indication that he wanted to quit.”

Who knows what effect tonight’s outcome has on the careers of both pugilist moving forward. Vic Darchinyan wants to fight a rematch with Abner Mares. It the Mares fight doesn’t come to fruition, he would like to challenge the WBC and WBO Bantamweight Champ Nonito Donaire. There is also a possibility that he may fight at a different weight class if none of the desired fights are made. As for Yonnhy Perez, I’m afraid this is the last fight of his fruitful career.

Vardan Gasparyan Stops Titsworth

In other action, Vardan Gasparyan 13-2-5, 7KO’s stopped Trenton Titsworth 3-12-1, 2KO’s in the fifth round of a scheduled six round Junior Middleweight bout. It had to be the most unattractive fight of the night. The culprit was Trenton Titsworth who refused to engage with his much shorter opponent. Unable to stop Vardan’s attack, Titsworth resorted to holding. He was deducted one point in the third for holding. He subsequently went on to force his taller frame against Vardan, but wouldn’t fight. It was ridiculous. He remained inactive while Vardan was attacking him with left hooks and effective body blows. The ref was forced to stop the bout 2:31 into round number five due to Titsworth’s inactivity.

Juan Reyes Earns First Professional Victory

Glendale’s Azat Hovenensian 0-1 made his professional debut tonight stepping into the ring against Riverside’s Juan Reyes 1-1 who was also looking for his first professional victory. It was a scheduled four round Junior Lightweight bout.

The first round was hard to call as both fighters initiated the fight moving forward and exchanging blows. It quickly became a fight between the more skilled fighter in Azat and the fighter with the biggest heart in Reyes. Heart proved to be victorious in round three as Reyes connected on a multitude of combos that included right and left hooks which were followed by straight rights that had Hovenensian out on his feet for most of the third round. Azat was able to turn things around in the fourth and final round but was unable to seriously hurt Reyes who continued to force the fight. Reyes earned his first professional victory by unanimous decision. All three judges scored the bout in his favor. One judge ringside had a final tally of 38-37, while the other two judges ringside scored the bout 40-36.

Omar Figueroa Stops Figueroa in Two

Journeyman John Figueroa has in the past been matched against rising prospects such as Philadelphian Danny Garcia and Santa Ana’s Luis Ramos Jr. He went on to lose those fights and tonight was no different.

Texan Omar “Panterita” Figueroa 11-0-1, 9KO’s earned a second round TKO against Puerto Rico’s John Figueroa 7-10-3, 3KO’s. Omar began the bout with a calculated body attack that hurt the journeyman in round number one. He continued to apply pressure and attack the body. The Texan landed a nice right uppercut and followed with a straight right to score the first knock down in round number two. He then followed up with a flurry of left hooks and straight rights forcing ref Jack Reeves to stop the bout at the 2:05 mark of round number two.

Art Hovhannisyan Wins

Glendale’s Art Hovhannisyan 13-0-1, 6KO’s stopped Richmond’s Jose Alfredo Lugo in the fifth round of the scheduled six round Junior Welterweight fight. Hovhannisyan came out the box establishing his dominance. The overmatched Jose Alfredo Lugo simply did not know what to do against his opponent’s assault. The Glendale native was too quick and too skilled for the Lugo.

Hovhannisyan was able to land a swift left hook that created a cut above the right eye of Lugo in round number two with the Armenian crowd supporting his every strike.

It was all downhill after the cut for Jose Alfredo Lugo. He attempted to make the fight a scrap but Art Hovhannisyan was having none of that. The Glendale native was able to end the fight with a left hook followed by a push with 1:03 remaining in round number five.

Miguel Diaz Remains Unbeaten

Miguel Diaz 5-0, 3KO’s earns a hard fought unanimous decision against Alejandro Solorio 4-4, 3KO’s. Like many Mexican fighters before him Solorio quickly established his left hook to the body. He was able to hurt Diaz with one, winning the opening round after landing more blows to the body.

The undefeated Diaz was able to survive his opponent’s onslaught in the first by out slugging him throughout the remainder of the fight. He landed a right hook that seemed to wobble Solorio in the middle of round two.

The fight continued with Diaz and Solorio engaging in one of the more entertaining bouts of the night. In the mist of the action, Solorio became a little reckless and was caught with a right hook that floored him in the end of round number three. He was unable to recover from the knockdown. The undefeated Diaz went on to control the fourth and final round. All three judges ringside scored the bout 39-36 in favor of Miguel Diaz.

DaVarryl Williamson Wins in Seven

In the opening fight of the night, DaVarryl Williamson 27-6, 23KO’s TKO’d Michael Marrone 19-3, 14KO’s in the seventh round of a scheduled 10 round Heavyweight Scrap. The fight began very competitively with both fighters connecting with hard blows. Williamson went on to assert his jab which allowed him to set up his straight right. He knew that Marrone was coming in reckless and unleashed his right hook every time that Marrone would attempt to move forward. Willamson went on to connect on a crisp left jab followed by a strong left hook. That one-two combination floored Marrone as round number two was coming to an end.

Marrone made an attempt to witch up his style by boxing more. He moved around the ring using his stick. Round number three saw Michael Marrone land a looping left hook that sent Williamson reeling against the ropes. Both fighters remained highly active heading into the sixth round which saw Williamson connect on several right uppercuts. The fight was eventually stopped in the seventh round after the damage that Marrane endured from a flush right hook to the temple. He was not able to fully recover. Williamson continued to press the action forcing the ref to stop the bout 2.30 into round number seven.


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