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  Dawson & Diaconu Press Conference

By Daniel Cloutier

On Thursday it was the turn of Adrian Diaconu and Chad Dawson to meet the press, at the Houston restaurant on Square Victoria in downtown.

Emmanuel Steward said, "You will see a Chad Dawson transformed Saturday night. I always considered Chad as a super fighter, but a fighter who was not using all his power offensively. You will see him win more and more fights by K.O. I am positive that Chad will be one of the best fighters in the world this year and the next year. He will impress everybody Saturday night."

Adrian Diaconu said. "I have waited four years to fight Dawson, you can figure how much I am impatient to be in the ring Saturday. I got a great preparation and Pierre Bouchard and Stephan Larouche prepared a perfect strategy for Dawson. I know that I am not favorite to win that bout, but watch me Saturday."

Dawson said, "I am sure that Diaconu knows that he cannot dominate rounds against me so he will try for the K.O. round after round. However he is dreaming if he believes that he can knock me out. NI have never been knocked out, and It will not begin Saturday. After this terrible loss with Pascal I hired Emmanuel Steward as trainer and I know now that I will be better than ever. I am very determined to become the best fighter "pound for pound" in the world. I am planning the be the big star of the evening Saturday. Watch me, you will see fireworks when the fight gets started."

Pierre Bouchard said, "Adrian has chased Dawson for four years and he will chase him from the first to the last round Saturday. Adrian is persuaded he will win the bout and i am persuaded myself. A perfect preparation, a perfect strategy, a huge effort from Adrian, all the ingredients will be there to surprise Dawson."

Gary Shaw said, "Chad will destroy Diaconu and beat Pascal in a rematch next fall. Chad is the best light heavyweight in the world. August 14th, Pascal was lucky to win. He was in serious trouble in the 11th round, but the fight was stopped because Chad got a dangerous cut over the right eye. But Pascal has to beat Hopkins in first. If Pascal wins Saturday I donít expect any problem to organize the rematch with Chad, because I know the intentions of Pascal and Yvon Michel. But if Hopkins wins, I donít know what will happen, even if the WBC is forcing him to fight Chad."


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