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  Chad Dawson Struggles With
Unanimous Win Over Diaconu

By Jeff Emond Jeffrey

The co-feature of the evening saw Romanian native and former WBC light heavyweight champion, Adrian ’’The Shark’’ Diaconu ( 27-2-0, 15 ko’s) but fighting from Laval, Quebec, Canada against former 2 times light heavyweight champions, Bad Chad Dawson ( 29-1-0, 17 ko’s ) of New Haven, Connecticut, USA in a twelve round fight. With wins over Omar Sheika, Rico Hoye and two losing but good efforts with Jean Pascal, Diaconu still had to face his strongest opponent in Chad Dawson. Indeed, Dawson’s reputation is maintained by impressive victories on Eric Harding, Former WBC light heavyweight champion Tomasz Adamek and two times Antonio Tarver and the Road Warrior Glen Johnson. More so, it was his first fight with legendary trainer Emanuel Steward as he wore Kronk gold trunks for the time. Both fighters were in need of a win, Diaconu to regain an opportunity to fight for the title and Dawson to reinstate himself as the king of the light heavyweight division.

In the earlier part of the fight, Dawson control the center of the ring using his southpaw stance and his longer reach on the shorter Diaconu. He kept the Shark at bay with many strong right jabs while landing occasional left hooks to the body and head of the Romanian fighter.

In the middle round, Dawson’s pace began to accelerate while Diaconu had a hard time getting meaningful blows on the taller fighter. At this time of the fight, some bruises are starting to show up on Diaconu’s face.

In the seventh round, cheered by the crowd, which include of lot of Romanian from Montreal, Diaconu is able to land some punches, but never in combinations, only one blow at the time. Dawson seemed to be cruising on a perfect performance.

In rounds number eight and nine, Dawson brings Diaconu to the ropes with right and left hooks combinations. Still, Adrian knows only one way to fight and that is going forward. The former two time champion was getting braver, but never underestimate a shark. Diaconu bites Dawson with an overhand right followed by a huge left hook, Bad Chad got hurt by those punches as he retreat to the ropes himself. The crowd comes alive.

In the tenth round, Dawson is more hesitant to attack an aggressive shark. He knows very well that Diaconu is very dangerous at close range. As a matter of fact, Diaconu hurts is less confidant foe with another big straight right hand. In the end of this round, Dawson did the smart thing and got back to the plan that gave him good result earlier in the fight, jabbing a lot more and fighting on the outside.

Round number eleven. Diaconu is on the attack again but can’t find the range with his shorter jabs. After a Dawson slip, Diaconu seem to have got confidence from it as both fighters trade hard punches on the ropes, Dawson got the better of the exchange.

Twelve and final round. The crowd gave an huge ovation to urge Diaconu for a knockout win. The shark attacks while Dawson is countering well with a right and left hooks. Diaconu didn’t get discouraged by them as he fires and landed three unanswered overhands rights on the American fighter. In the last minute of the fight, Bad Chad was visibly hurt and his legs almost gave out on him. He was indeed in surviving mode, but unfortunately for Diaconu he could not put his opponent down for a knockout. Both fighters finished strong with courage, exchanging hard blows in a interesting bout.

In the end, Chad Dawson improves his record with his thirtieth victory with an unanimous decision win in a hard struggle. The judges scores 117-111, 118-110 and 116-112 all in favor of the winner.


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