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  Final Words With Antonin Décarie

By Jeff Emond Jeffrey

Saturday night in the Pepsi Coliseum of Quebec City, December 17, 2011, welterweight contender Antonin Décarie ( 25-1-0 ) from Laval,Quebec will take on Victor Lupo Puiu ( 19-1-2 ) of Toronto, Ontario for the vacant WBC International welterweight championship. Lupo just came out of his biggest victory of his career against former WBC light welterweight champion, Junior Witter in February. Décarie also had an impressive victory over Shamone Alvarez in the same month. The rivalry between Quebec and Ontario continue.

Earlier this week, The Boxing Examiner had the chance to talk to Antonin Décarie about his upcoming fight.

The Boxing Examiner:
Good afternoon Antonin! How are you?

Antonin Décarie:
I’m doing good and I’m ready!

Saturday night, you are gonna fight Victor Lupo , one the toughest opposition of your young career. Your comments?

AD: It’s gonna be a big challenge for me, Lupo is a very talented fighter. After all, he won the WBC International silver welterweight title against Junior Witter. At first, he was suppose to fight Phil LeGreco, but for some reasons LeGreco refused to defend his title in Toronto agaisnt Lupo. That si why the title is vacant and I will do everything to get my hands on it. I’m sure Lupo is thinking the same. This title is very important to get a good ratings in the WBC. More importantly, it’s the battle of the province Quebec versus Ontario in Canada. Ontario is ahead of us with Logan McGuinness’s win over Benoit Gaudet, Steve Molitor’s victory on Sebastien Gauthier and Samuel Vargas recently had the better of Ahmad Cheiko. So i have to win this one for Quebec.

TBE: What do you expect from Lupo?

AD: He’s gonna be aggressive. He’s a very confident guy and so am i. I won’t run from him and I don’t underestimate him at all. I expect a tough battle. Lupo got a nice record. Having a win over him would take my career to another level.

TBE: How did you prepare for this fight ?

AD: It’s very important to be in a perfect physical condition against a intense fighter like Lupo. I know he’s gonna put pressure until the end of the fight. I worked very hard on my cardio and movements in the ring. He’s also a very proud man, I know he’s coming to win, but I won,t let him. I am a proud fighter too, well, we have that in common.

I’m in a exceptional physical condition. I was supposed to fight Living legend, Jose Luis Castillo in September , but the fight was rescheduled to October. Then I got injured less than a week before the fight. But now I feel great and the injury is in the past.

TBE: Are you gonna fight Castillo in a near future?

AD: Yes, I will fight him eventually. But the opportunity the fight Lupo for LeGreco’s former title was too good to let that pass. But, I have to take one thing at the time and right now I’m training really hard for Lupo. I will not overlook him.

TBE: According to the Boxrec, you are ranked number 20. Many very skilled fighters are in that division, like Floyd Mayweather Jr, Andre Berto, Victor Ortiz and Selcuk Aydin to name a few. Is there anyone you would like to fight in the welterweight division?

AD: It’s a very competitive division and I’m willing to fight anyone to make it to the top. However, I like fighter brawlers, it suit my style. I would love to fight a guys like Marcos Maidana or Lucas Mathysse if he move up to welterweight.

Last November, Selcuk Aydin won a hard fought battle against Jo Jo Dan, a strong southpaw. During the fight, Aydin even broke the jaw of Dan. Is there a possibility to fight Aydin?

AD: Of course, I would love to fight Aydin, more than Mathysse and Maidana when I think of it. Aydin is a solid brawler and be comparing Dan’s style with him, I would have more chance against Aydin, even if he won his second fight over Dan, because he’s always coming forward. I do think Dan won the first time against him. At this time, I’m not in Aydin’s plans right now. After all. He just won the WBC Silver welterweight title and that means he’s suppose to fight Floyd Maywether Jr next.Right now , Lupo is my priority.

TBE: Thank you for your time Antonin and good luck.

AD: Thank you and it’s gonna be a very exciting fight.


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