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  Anthony Dirrell Wins In Two

By Carlos Cordoba
Photos: William Trillo


Throughout boxing’s storied history there have been several famed boxing families. The Mayweather family is a perfect example of a family bloodline that in present –day maybe the most notable in the sport. The Garcia family from Oxnard is not too far behind in notoriety. Specially, after the present dominance of WBA lightweight champ Brandon Rios trained by Robert Garcia, and WBC welterweight champ Victor Ortiz who is trained by Danny Garcia.

To the novice mind, The Dirrell family is less recognizable than the boxing families mentioned above. It’s fathomable. The families discussed have generational ties to some of boxing’s best days. The Dirrell’s have only been around since they made their professional debut on January 27th, 2005. It’s only a fraction of time compared to the other families; albeit, one cannot deny the immense talent of the Dirrell brothers. They make up one of the more talented pugilist families in the sport today, period. Tonight the youngest, Anthony, continued his comeback from non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

Anthony “The Dog” Dirrell 23-0, 20KOs KO’d Kevin “The Hitmen” Engel 18-4, 15KOs in the featured bout of ESPN’s “Friday Night Fight’s” at the Morongo Casino Resort and Spa in Cabazon, CA. The bout was originally scheduled for 10 rounds in the super middleweight division. Gary Shaw Productions hosted the trilling card in association with Rumble Time Promotions.

A one-two kicked off the night for Anthony Dirrell. The younger Dirrell ensued to feed Kevin Engel a steady dose of straight rights. He eventually sent Engel back to his corner with a cut left eyelid as a result of all the rights he was eating. Dirrell continued to feed Engel straights rights in the following round. One of those rights knocked Engel to the canvas.

Anthony Dirrell closed the show by landing a perfectly placed left hook to the body at 1:44 of the same round. Engel was unable to make Referee Lou Moret’s 10 count. Video of the blow would later show that Dirrell’s left hook might have traveled below the waist. Nevertheless, Anthony showcased his family’s boxing aptitude and would have eventually stopped Engel Anyway.

“I support every move that he makes,” said Anthony Dirrell when asked about his relationship with his older brother. One can assume that Andre reciprocates the same feelings toward his brother. It was clear to see.

Aron Martinez Wins Big at Morongo Casino

In the televised co-feature, East Los Angeles’ Aron Martinez 15-1, 3KOs earned a technical unanimous decision against the Florida’s Joseph Elegele 12-1, 10KOs in an electrifying eight round welterweight bout. The fight was stopped after a violent accidental clash of heads at the 1:41 mark of the final round. What preceded the stoppage was simply electrifying.

Despite Elegele’s promising talent, it was Aron Martinez who impressed those in attendance. Martinez forced Joseph Elegele against the ropes of his own corner and proceeded to pummel him with countless overhand rights in the opening round. Consequently, Elegele found himself on the canvas with seconds left in the opening round. The Floridian was lucky to have been saved by the bell.

The latter would prove to be the narrative of the bout. When Martinez successfully attacked Elegele against the ropes, he would hurt the Floridian. Elegele was successful when he fought in the middle of the ring; although, Martinez was never really hurt by Joseph’s power.

Another incident that would shape the bout occurred in round number two as an unfortunate head bunt produced a cut above the left eye of Martinez as both boxers engaged in an exciting exchange. The action from the first two rounds continued for the remainder of the welterweight clash.

Elegele seemed to have figured out Martinez’s attack in the following rounds. He stayed in the middle and controlled the fourth and fifth with his superior boxing ability. It’s important to note that Martinez was still landing some vicious right hooks and never let his foot off the gas pedal.

Round six was a toss up as both fighters entertained the ruckus crowd. The following round seemed to have been as hard to score until the last seconds when Martinez connected with a right hook that again hurt Elegele with seconds left in the round. Once again Elegele found himself saved by the bell.

The fight went on to end in controversial manner. Referee Tony Crebs was forced to stop the bout after a violent clash of heads. The clash produced another nasty gash on the right side of Martinez’s forehead. The deep cut handed the fight to the three judges ringside. When it was all said in done one judge scored the bout 76-75, while the remaining judges scored the bout 77-74 handing Martinez his 15th career victory.

Kurtiss Pleases Crowd and KO’s Cleven Ishe

In the T.V. swing bout, Kurtiss Colvin 6-0, 5KOs Knocked out Cleven Ishe 3-2, 1KO at the 1:24 mark of round number three in a scheduled four round middleweight clash.

Julian Williams Earns Dominant Victory

Julian Williams 7-0-1, 4KOs scored a unanimous decision victory against Raul Rodriguez 2-6-1, 1KO in a six round Junior Middleweight scrap.

The undefeated Philadelphian controlled the bout out the box. He worked of his stick, calmly stepping to his left as he combed for angels. His counter part, Raul Rodriguez, proved to be nothing more than a stationary target by round number two. Rodriguez was willing to take five punches from Williams, only to deliver one that often missed.

The straight right began to constantly land for Julian Williams in round number three. He followed through with three consecutive overhand rights in the same round. The undefeated pugilist went on to coast through the last three rounds. After six rounds of boxing one judge scored the bout 59-55, while the remaining two judges ringside scored the bout 60-54 in favor of Julian Williams.

Morales Strikes Again!

The Ripo Ric trained Roman Morales 5-0, 3 KOs made quick work of the diminutive Juan Tepoz 4-6-1 by scoring a TKO in the opening round. Morales first knockdown came by a result of a beautifully placed left hook. He used the same punch to hurt Tepoz in the same round, and followed through with a straight right as Tepoz knee touched the ground. Referee Dr. Lou Moret was forced to stop the featherweight contest 2:38 mark of the first round.

Livingston Remains Unbeaten

“Let the jab do it all,” yelled Donyil Livingston’s manager; his pupil listened. Livingston 5-0, 3KOs progressed to control the opening bout of the night with his stick. He masterfully stalked Cameron Allen 3-8, 1KOs throughout the entire fight.

Livingston went on to land a stiff jab followed by an aggressive right hook in the second round. Round number three saw more of the same as Donyil connected on a stiff left jab, which pushed Allen against the ropes. Allen was seemingly hurt as he reached out and hugged the restless Livingston.

Palmdale’s Donyil Livingston went on to drop Allen with a left jab followed by left hook to the body for his first knockdown in the final round. He followed through and closed the fight with a vicious body attack that floored Allen for the final time. Referee Tony Crebs stopped the bout at 2:03 into the final round.

Dushane Cook Wins 2nd Professional Bout

Dushane Cook 2-0 earned a unanimous decision victory against Greg Baca. All three judges ringside scored the bout 39-35 in favor of Cook.


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