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  Donaire Blows Out Diminutive Montiel!
Impressive 2nd Round KO Should Come As No Surprise!

By William Trillo & Marlene Marquez @ Ringside


Bantamweight Fernando Montiel had no chance from the moment the bell rang and when Nonito Donaire landed his left hook at the 2:25 mark of round two this fight was essentially over. After doing a shimmy through the count and somehow getting to his feet Montiel was in no condition to fight and after a couple more punches thrown by Donaire referee Russell Mora stopped the "battle".

Sitting here at ringside it was no shock to me how much bigger and stronger Nonito was than Montiel (see Victor Conte). I have been screaming from the rooftops that Donaire has made a living beating up little guys and tonight he did it again.

Unlike his countryman Manny Pacquiao who has made a career out of fighting and beating bigger and bigger guys, Donaire has made a living feasting on smaller and older guys. You can cry about that statement all you want but it's the truth. Donaire says he is moving up to fight the best at 122 but I will believe that when I see it.

If Manny is known as The Mexi-cutioner then maybe we should start calling Donaire the Midget-cutioner. Sorry to rain on everyone's parade but I am yet to be too impressed as Donaire now owns the WBC bantamweight title & WBO bantamweight titles.

Great punch? Yes.

Time to start picking on someone your own size? Definitely!
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