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  Entire Montreal Undercard Reoprt

By Jeff Emond Jeffrey

Mikael Zewski versus Ruben Galvan

In a eight rounds light middleweight attraction, another Canadian prospect wanted to make a strong impression in Montreal and on HBO. Signed by Golden boy promotion earlier in his career by having tremendous success in the amateur rank, Mikael Zewski ( 9-0-0, 5 ko’s ) from Trois-Rivičres, Quebec, Canada was facing a very durable Ruben ’’the modern day warrior’’ Galvan ( 27-16-4, 10 ko’s) from Hammond, Indiana, USA. This fighter possess not only more experience than the 23 years old Zewski, but he also had strong showing against the likes of Paul Spadafora, he fought Zab Judah, Mexican legend Jorge Paez and world title challenger Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Furthermore, this fight was the fist one in Montreal for Zewski and only the third on Canadian’s soil.

Before entering the ring, Zewski received a warm welcome from the Bell center crowd and he did not disappointed boxing fans anticipation. In the opening second of the first round, Zewsky showed Galvan his unbelievable hands speed. The Modern Day Warrior failed to avoid or block Zewski’s combinations.

In the third round, Zewski’s determination and speed paid off. By sustaining his attacks he dropped Galvan down with a ferocious left uppercut to the chin. The end came at 1:44 seconds by a knockout win and Zewski would move up his undefeated record to ten victories, six knockouts and no defeat. The crowd was more than satisfied with his performance, they were impress by This young fighter determination.

Kevin Bizier versus Mauro Lucero

In an eight rounds welterweight attraction, Canadian’s young an promising knockout artist from Saint-Emile, Quebec Kevin Bizier ( 14-0-0, 10 ko’s ) was trying to add another knockout win on his undefeated record. However, he would face Mauro Lucero ( 46-14-1, 32 ko’s) a proud and experience warrior from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. Boxing fans in Montreal were expecting a impressive showing from Bizier due to his punching power’s reputation. But first, The Canadian fighter had to get through Lucero who possess heavy hands himself. The Mexican fighter had already fought notable competitions with Cesar Bazan, Vince Phillips, Joel Julio and Antonio Diaz to name a few. He also won against former WBA light middleweight champion Frankie Randall and Saul Duran. Bizier was in no position to underestimate this adversary.

Right after the opening bell, we could feel Bizier confidence by witnessing an exciting battle of left hooks between the two fighters. The jabs was out the window, but the excitement was in the ring and we could easily hear the crowd’s appreciation.

As the fight progressed, Bizier soon understand Lucero’s resilience. He would adjust to the Mexican repetitive left hooks by starting to land some of his own to the body, slowing his opponent down. On this fight , The Saint Emile fighter did not show only power, but also ring intelligence.

In the fifht round, an accidental clash of heads would briefly put an halt to this action pack war. It would open a cut over Lucero’s right eye, but the ringside doctor would allow the fight to resume. It would not be long, only moments after, Bizier knockout Lucero with a brutal left hook to the body.

The end of this fight came at exactly 3:00 of the fifth round. Kevin Bizier improve his promising record to fifteen victories with eleven of them by knockouts. He remain awesome and undefeated.

Nicholson Poulard versus Frankie Santos

In a ten round action in the light heavyweight division, Nicholson Poulard ( 16-3-0, 8 ko’s ) from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, did battle with Frankie Santos ( 17-9-4, 8 ko’s ) form Salinas Puerto Rico. This fight represented a serious challenge for Jean Pascal’s older brother. Santos has been a thought oppositions to Irving Kirpa, Mattew Hatton and Lamont Peterson. On this night Poulard was ready for such a test. In his career, Poulard hold in important victory over his Canadian countryman, Larry’’Razor’’ Sharpe last year.

This was a chess match struggle. in the beginning, both fighters spended times to study each other so neither of them would make a mistake. But at the end of the first round, Poulard had the advantage catching Santos with a right uppercut.

In the second and third round, Poulard build effective rhythm with his jabs and straight right behind it. He manage to rattle the Puerto Rican fighter with a solid combination at the end of the third round.

In the fourth round, Santos gets closer to Poulard who seemed to have forgotten his active jab strategy. Midway through the round, the two pugilists were now exchanging hooks shoulder to shoulder.

Round number five. Poulard pressure the attack and is successful in landing rapid straight rights hands to the body and head of Santos.

Round number six. Santos starts up with quick jabs as the Montreal fighter counters well with left and right hooks in the center of the ring.

Round number seven. Poulard control the center of the ring with effective double jabs and measure well is opponent. Santos try to get to Poulard’s body while Poulard got his back on the ropes for a brief moment. Nicholson rapidly circle to his left and avoid Santos to get the fight going his way.

In the eight and ninth rounds. Poulard worked well with his jab and more frequent straight right hands. Santos looked for opening but could not find anything to break Poulard’s tight defense. Shortly after, the Canadian fighter has been able to bring the Puerto Rican on the ropes and started to punish him with a barrage of punches. The crowd got excited about this imitative.

Lat round action. Poulard leave the jab for an hooking tactic to his benefit, Santos as no answer for them. The Montreal’s fighter finish well with a sharp right cross over the low left of Santos. By keeping his focus, Nicholson Poulard win his eighteenth victory with a one sided unanimous decision. All judges gave score of 100-90 in his favor

Eleider ’’The Storm’’Alvarez versus David Whittom

In a six rounds cruiserweight division bout, Colambian’s native, Eleider ’’The Storm’’ Alvarez ( 4-0-0, 3 ko’s ) of Montreal, Quebec, Canada did battle with a very tuff warrior in David Whittom ( 11-14-1, 7 ko’s ) born in Saint Quentin, New Brunswick, now fighting from Quebec City, Canada. Alvarez has an outstanding amateur pedigree being a two times gold medal winner, one in 2006 in the South American games and the other in the 2007 Pan American games. Yet, he would have to get by Whittom, who has a reputation of being a determine and courageous warrior in the ring. Let’s not forget that Whittom hold a victory over Nicholson Poulard. But the question was , will Whittom be able to go through the storm?

Didier Bence versus Dwayne Storey

In a four rounds Heavyweight attraction, 7 times Canadian amateur heavyweight champions, Didier Bence ( 1-0-0, 1 ko’s ) of Laval, Quebec, Canada did battle with Dwayne Storey ( 4-6-0, 1 ko’s ) from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Storey was a late replacement for Francisco ’’Taz’’ Mireles of Mexico. However it would not discourage Bence on his quest to be as successful in his pro career than he was in his amateur days. Bence represent Canada most anticipated hope in the heavyweight ranks being the most prosperous amateur since Lennox Lewis.

On this second fight of a Canada’s rising star, Bence’s goal was clear : Seek and destroy. Nobody in the Bell center was disappointed by his effort. Inthe first round, Bence relentless aggression earn him a knockdown on Storey who had no answer for the power of Gym production newest acquisition.

In the second round, Bence refuses to slow down and sustained his power shots on a overwhelmed Storey. Bence dropped his opponent another two times with his damaging left hooks. Referee Alain Villeneuve stopped the fight at 1 :38 seconds of round two as Didier Bence wins by Tko and improves to 2 victories and two amazing knockouts.

Oscar Rivas versus Zsolt Zathureczky

In a six rounds heavyweight attraction, a 2008 Olympians competitor and a three time gold medalist winner in the amateur tournament, Oscar ’’Kaboom’ ’Rivas ( 5-0-0-, 2 ko’s ) a native of Valle Del Cauca, Colombia, now fighting from Montreal, Quebec, Canada faces on this night another undefeated fighter, Zsolt Zathurreckzky ( 3-0-0, 2 ko’s ) of Budapest, Hungary.

It was an exciting showing by Rivas who always wanted to give the fans their money worth. Indeed. Kaboom started the fight very fast and took down the Hugarian fighter for the first time with a stunning left hook. Rivas is not done yet. And knockdown Zathureczky for a second time in the first round with a left hook, right hand another left brutal left hook.

Zathureczky barely made it out of round one. In the second part of the fight, Rivas looks to impress even more and he does by dropping the Hungarian three time with Solid left hooks shots on the head. This automatically trigger the three knockdowns rule as referee Marlon B. Wright calls an halt to the contest at 2 :05 seconds of the second round. Winner by a tko victory and still explosive, Oscar’ ’Kaboom’’ Rivas.


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