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  Final Words With Joachim Alcine

By Jeff Emond Jeffrey

Tomorrow night in Montreal, Former WBA light middleweight champion will do battle with knockout artist David Lemieux. In search of redemption, Alcine is well aware that this fight might be his last chance to shine and eventually reclaim a world title. The fighter known as ďTi Joaíí canít afford to lose this fight.

Jeff Emond Jeffrey:
Good afternoon Joachim! Only one day before the fight, how are you?

Joachim Alcine:
Iím doing very good and Iím great shape.

It seems the hostility went up this week between you and your former promoter Yvon Michel. What can you tell us about it?

JA: Itís quite simple. My former team GYM werenít there for me when I needed them. They donít wanna take responsibility for anything that went wrong with my career, especially with the Daniel Santos fight in July 2008.

JEJ: You lost your title to Santos in July 2008. What really happened in that fight?

JA: I had trouble with my right eye. I couldnít see right. So I told my former trainer Howard Grant and my promoter that I wanted to reschedule my title defense because I wasnít 100% fit. They forced me to get in the ring by telling me I would be stripped of the title if I didnít go fight Santos in summer 2008 and later he learned the WBA would not have taken my title away. But I didnít know then. They also told me a lot of people were counting on me and the card would not be successful since I was their first champion at that time. I would have beat Santos if my former team would have given a proper time to recover. So Iím really angry about it.

JEJ: Do you feel like they are using you as a stepping stone for Lemieux ?

JA: Yes I do. Donít get me wrong, I have no bad feelings against David. He is a great person and a very talented fighter. But I have to get revenge and the only way to do it is to beat Lemieux tomorrow. A lot of boxing experts in Montreal also said I wouldnít last long against my opponent, so Iím there to prove them wrong along the way.

JEJ: In the past, you didnít looked tapes of your opponents? Did you do your homework for this fight?

JA: I sure did. Iím really serious about this fight. I studied the Lemieux-Rubio bout carefully. I saw good things about David in this fight, but I also saw important flaws in his way to attack. Iím gonna use his flaws against him tomorrow and get the win.

JEJ: Thank you for your time Joachim.

JA: No problem. I hope many boxing fans will witness this event.


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