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  "Flash" Of Greatness

By Chris Coreschi
Photos: Chris Farina - Top Rank


Headlining the HBO Boxing After Dark card was Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire 27-1(18) taking on undefeated Omar “El Huracan” Narvaez 35-1-2(19) in a 12 round bantamweight title fight. Donaire was defending his WBO and WBC titles in his last fight at 118 lbs while Narvaez' WBO super flyweight belt was not at stake. Donaire has made clear his intention to move up to junior featherweight after this bout even though there are some attractive opponents for him in the very talented bantamweight division including the winner of the Mares / Agbeko rematch. The undefeated Narvaez, fighting in the States for the first time, was moving up in weight for the opportunity to fight Donaire.

Round one: The two men meet in the center of the ring, Donaire appears the much larger fighter. Narvaez has some success with a lead left hand, Donaire counters with combinations. Narvaez stands in front of Donaire as Donaire moves forward. Donaire throws a left hand with bad intentions as the round comes to a close.

Round two: Narvaez continues to throw the lead left hand, occasionally mixes in a lead right cross, and begins to jab more. Donaire continues stalking and being the more aggressive fighter. Donaire throws the left jab to try and work his way in and throws combinations off it.

Round three: Donaire begins to open up a little more forcing Narvaez to back up. Narvaez lands a quick counter right hand on the ropes after a left right combination from Donaire. Ddonaire leaps in and misses with a combination drawing cheers from the crowd, Narvaez looks at the crowd who begins chanting “Huracan, Huracan”.

Round four: Narvaez appears to be unwilling to take many chances with the heavy handed Donaire. Donaire starts working to the body with more frequency and good success. A right to the body brings down Narvaez' hands and Donaire scores with a big right hand that appears to stun Narvaez. Donaire follows up with another right right to finish off another strong round.

Round 5: Narvaez continues to fight a defense first kind of fight. Donaire feints trying to get inside the shell of Narvaez and Narvaez lands a sneaky counter right hand off the ropes. The round ends with Donaire continuing to walk down Narvaez.

Round 6: The round follows the same pattern as the last couple, Narvaez unwilling to allow Donaire any opportunity to mount any offense also preventing him from mounting any. The fans begin to show their displeasure with Narvaez. Donaire starts swinging a little more wildly, attempting to make Narvaez fight and closes the round with a couple of combinations. I have Donaire pitching a shutout to this point.

Round 7: Donaire is doing all he can against an opponent unwilling to engage. Narvaez seemed to tighten up after getting hurt in the fourth round and now seems to want to survive

Round 8: Donaire again comes out firing and Narvaez closes up. Donaire warned for low blow, Narvaez begins to throw a little bit more but even when he throws he appears to be backing up fearful of getting caught with something heavy from Donaire.

Round 9: While Narvaez spends much of the round coming forward he just will not let his hands go. Donaire continues to attempt to engage with no success at all. Donaire scores to the body and lands three quick combinations just before the bell.

Round 10: Narvaez spent the first two and a half minutes of the round hiding then exchanged with Donaire. Donaire quickly seized the opportunity to open up and landed a combination. Narvaez backed off and Donaire pursued him into the ropes and continued to land finishing the round strong. Donaire still pitching a shutout.

Round 11: The round begins with the fans booing and then chanting J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets as they tire of Narvaez unwillingness to engage in any meaningful exchanges. Donaire continues to throw trying to get Narvaez to engage, lands a big right to the body then a combination to the gloves of Narvaez. Credit Donaire with keeping his poise to this point in the face of an opponent who just won't fight.

Round 12: Donaire trying to close the show as the crowd chants “This is bulls**t clap-clap---clap-clap-clap, This is bulls**t”. Donaire might as well be shadowboxing, Narvaez should be ashamed of himself. Donaire is chasing Narvaez around the ring throwing shots at Narvaez trying to land something. As the fight ends Narvaez has nerve to jump onto the ropes and raise his hands, the only time he raised them in the last nine rounds.

All three judges score the bout 120-108. Just a dreadful performance by Narvaez who after getting hurt in the fourth round was not interested in fighting, just surviving. Donaire, being interviewed in the ring after the fight reiterated his decision to move up to the 122 pound division for his next fight and expressed to the fans his disappointment in not providing them with a better show. Compubox numbers bore out Narvaez' inactivity showing him averaging 24 punches thrown per round well below the bantamweight average of 6o.

The co-feature was a 10 round fight for the NABF Featherweight Title. Champion Miguel Angel “Mikey” Garcia 27-0(23) fighting out of Oxnard, Ca taking on Juan Carlos Martinez 17-13-1(5) of San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Round one saw the fighters feeling each other out, not taking too many chances. Martinez was the busier fighter and seemed to do enough to win the round.

Round two saw Garcia start to pick up the pace and land with more frequency. Martinez continued to throw punches and pursue Garcia around the ring with limited success. Round to Garcia.

In round three Garcia began to break down Martinez landing regularly with both hands. Garcia scored a knockdown with a hard left hand late in the round. 10-8 round to Garcia.

Round four saw Garcia completely separated himself from the game but limited Martinez scoring two knockdowns before forcing referee Harvey Dock to call a halt to the action at 2:46 of the round. Compubox showed Garcia landing 26 of 42 power shots in round 4 for a 62% connect rate.

In a four round lightweight contest, another local fighter, Mike Brooks of Oceanside, NY 6-0(1) scored a unanimous shutout victory over Eddie Ramirez of Laredo, Tx. All three judges scored the bout 40-36.

In a fight that brought the crowd to its feet when it ended, Tommy Rainone 16-4(4) scored a unanimous decision over Brad Jackson 13-7-1(7) in a lackluster six round affair. Scores 60-54, 59-55 and 58-56.

Super Flyweight prospect Jonathan “La Bomba” Gonzalez 6-0(5) went the distance for the first time in his professional career with a unanimous decision victory over Jose Rivera 3-3-2. Judges Robert Perez and Carlos Ortiz scored the fight 60-53 while Judge Matt Roggero had it 59-54.

Local favorite Sean Monaghan of Long Beach, NY 10-0(7) defeated Anthony Pietrantonio 7-8(5)of Sharon, Pa via TKO at 2:51 of round 5 of a scheduled 6 round light heavyweight contest.

In a six round welterweight contest Mikael Zewski 11-0(7) of Trois-Rivieres, Canada knocked out Keuntray Henson of Memphis, Tn at 1:27 of round 1.

In the evening's opening bout, a 4 round welterweight contest, Cletus Seldin 4-0(2) defeated Jose Segura Torres 2-3-2(1) via TKO at 2:52 of the second round.


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