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  Robert Garcia Derails Jose “Shibita” Flores' Comeback

By Carlos Cordoba
Photos: William Trillo


Robert Garcia made an impressive statement in the main event of Ed Holmes’ All Star Promotions boxing and mixed martial arts card dubbed “All In”. The card was presented by All Star Promotions in association with Budweiser and was held at the Commerce Casino in Commerce, CA.

Friday night’s fight card had all the elements for a great night of live boxing and mixed martial arts that trilled the capacity crowd at Commerce Casino. The fights were held on the second level of the casino in the main ballroom. The night began with four amateur MMA fights followed by a mix of MMA and professional boxing bouts that culminated with the main event of the night.

In the featured scrap, Robert “La Amenaza” Garcia 29-3, 21KO’s from Weslaco, TX was able to handedly win a unanimous decision against seasoned veteran Jose “Shibita” Flores 45-11, 26KO’s in an eight round middleweight bout.

The fight was what this writer expected from two very well seasoned vets. They immediately began to exchange blows in the middle of the ring at the outset of the fight. Both fighters seemingly had the same strategy which was to begin the fight with calculated body assaults.

Robert Garcia, 30, quickly made his presence felt as he dug into his counterpart’s body to set up a straight right that sent Flores against the ropes in round number two.

Jose “Shibita” Flores, 38, came into the bout the older and taller fighter. Those two elements served to be his downfall on Friday night. It was clear that by rounds three and four Garcia had figured out that Flores was unable to seriously cause any damage. With that mind set, Garcia pressed the action and continued to dig into Flores midsection causing him to retreat. Only problem was that when the older boxer retreated he committed one of boxing cardinal sins; he stood tall as he retreated. By standing tall as he attempted to ward off Garcia’s attack, he allowed the Texan to land his straight rights and right hooks at will.

Robert Garcia continued to force Flores to fight from the back of his heels as he continued to press the action into the fifth round. Flores just did not have the power or the wind to ward off the younger and fresher pugilist. The latter was vivid as Shibita attempted to connect with his stick as he stood tall and retreated only to be met with one of Garcia’s devastating straight right’s which floored him in round number six. Garcia continued to pressure and batter Flores for an additional two rounds but was unable to finish the game Flores.

The three judges ring side scored the bout 78-73, 77-74, 80-71 in favor of Roberto Garcia.

Clevend Ishe vs. Ruben Rivera Instant Classic!

Watt’s Clevend Ishe 3-0, 1KO pulls of a split decision victory against Mexico’s Ruben Rivera 5-2-1, 4KO’s in an electrifying four round middleweight scrap.

The young fighters gave the crowd their hearts and in the process stole the show in four action packed rounds.

The more physically gifted Clevend Ishe began the bout as careless as one can be. He immediately began to impose his physical strength by continuously connecting with looping left and right hooks. Rivera’s right eye was noticeably swollen midway through round one as the quicker Ishe constantly beat him to the punch. Ishe was able to connect with a flush looping left hook that sent his opponent to the canvas at the end of round number one. Rivera was able to continue and went into round number two enduring the same punishment of the previous round.

Clevend Ishe continued to stalk Ruben Rivera, connecting almost at will. It seemed like an easy night for the Watt’s native as he continued to press and batter Rivera who was the crowd favorite. In the midst of his attack, Ishe caused an incidental head bunt that opened a gash above the left eye of Rivera close to the end of round number two. By this point the Ishe was up 2 rounds on Rivera and it seemed like he would finish him off in the next round. There was only one problem, Ishe did not believe in defending himself.

The next round began with the crowd encouraging Ruben Rivera to scrap as he was obviously suffering a brutal beating. An awakened Rivera took advantage of his opponents’ careless defense and landed a crisp left hook right on the button that severely staggered Ishe and completely changed the complexity of the fight. It was amazing!

Ishe did not fall to the canvas but was badly hurt for the remainder of the bout. Ruben Rivera continued to batter Ishe in round number three. One had the perspective that Rivera had scored a 10-8 round due to the severity of the beating that he unleashed on Clevend Ishe.

The pro-Mexican crowd began to chant “Si se puede! Si se Puede!,” as the final round began. Rivera continued to feed from the electric crowd and battered the gutty Clevend Ishe for the remainder of the round. Ishe was able to land some hooks here and there, but they were not as effective as the hooks that were landed in the first two assaults. The decibel readings must have been of the charts as the final bell rang. Most ringside spectators had declared the match a draw; however, they were not scoring the bout.

The three Judges ringside scored the bout differently. One judge had the four-round war tallied a 37-37draw, the other two scored the bout 38-37 in favor of Clevend Ishe.

Promoter Ed Holmes immediately went into the ring to congratulate both of the fighters who gave the crowd their all. The announcer then followed by stating that there will be a rematch at the Quiet Cannon in Montebello on May 6th. Wow, I can’t wait!!!

Giovanni Sarran Sticks his way to a victory

What do you do when you are fighting an opponent who outweighs you by 67lbs? You stick and move. That’s just the strategy that South Central Los Angeles native Giovanni “Bam Bam” Sarran 1-1 employed to earn a unanimous decision against East Los Angeles Steve Fierro 5-4-3, 1KO.

Professional MMA Results

Pichel’s Remains Unblemished

The main attraction for the mixed martial art fans on hand was between two undefeated prospects. That meant that somebody had to lose the “0.”

Team BJ-Muta’s Vinc Pichel 6-0 earned the most devastating knockout of the night against PKG’s Matt Bahntge 3-1 in a scheduled three round lightweight bout.

Pichel began to the fight as confident as ever but was quickly cut below his right eye lid by a strike produced by Matt Bahntge. The blood didn’t have any adverse affect on the BJ-Muta fighter as he was able to close the fight with a devastating knee that knocked-out Matt Bahntge who was out cold as he leaned against the ropes. Pichel continued to pour on the punishment before the referee stopped the bout 32 seconds into round number two.

Dave Weber Wins

BJ-Muta’s Dave Weber 5-2 pulled off a unanimous decision against Joe Condon 6-1 in a three round lightweight bout.

David Esquibel Improves to 2-0

Hesperia’s David Esquibel 2-0 earned a unanimous decision against East Los Angeles Orlando Aspericuerta 2-3 in a three round super featherweight bout.

Amateur MMA Results

Chris Golz wins Call-Out Belt

Pimpit’s Chris Golz 6-1 scores a split decision against Team Champkev’s Brock Combs in a three round light heavyweight bout for the All Star Call-Out Championship belt. As the owner of the Call-Out belt, Golz now has to accept the challenge of any amateur who is willing to call him out. He would have to forfeit the belt if he refuses to fight the challenger who calls him out. Pretty interesting!

Brandon Wilson Wins!

Team Black Mats Brandon Wilson 3-0 TKO’d Mike Tomicelli’s BJJ Abraham Miranda 0-2 46 seconds into round number one of the welterweight bout. The fight was originally scheduled for three rounds.

Mark Oganesyan Improves to 2-0

Main Event’s Sports Club Mark Oganesyan 2-0 tapped out Pimpit’s Chris Reyes in 34 seconds. The welterweight scrap was originally scheduled for three rounds.

Walter Downing downs Glen Ili

KOA Fighter’s Walter Downing 2-1 TKO’d Millennia’s Glen Ili 15 seconds into round number two due to strikes. The super heavyweight fight was scheduled for three rounds.


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