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  La Amenaza Victorious In Rematch Against Odom

By Carlos Cordoba

Robert “La Amenaza” Garcia earned his second consecutive victory since dropping a unanimous decision against former WBA Welterweight Champ Antonio Margarito in the main event of Ed Holmes’ All Star Promotions boxing and mixed martial arts card dubbed “Combat United”. The card was presented by All Star Promotions in association with Vince Young and was held at the Quite Cannon in Montebello, CA.

The last time we saw Robert Garcia 30-3, 21KOs he was jubilantly celebrating his victory against Shibita Flores at the Commerce Casino. He faced a seasoned veteran who was taller and a little worn down on that occasion. Flores challenge prepared him for his next opponent, someone whom also entered the ring towering over him. Furthermore, Calvin Odom had an additional advantage.

The Texan navigated through his first 13 professional bouts with an unblemished record until he met the Angelino. Calvin Odom 15-9, 11KO’s destroyed Garcia’s perfect record on April 29, 2003. On that night, Odom was able to pull out a unanimous decision against in Texas. Weslaco’s Garcia finally had the opportunity to avenge the first defeat of his professional career eight years later.

The action began immediately as Robert Garcia opened and closed round number one with two powerful overhand right. Those blows would set the tone for the remainder of the clash that Garcia controlled by utilizing his powerful right. Knowing that he was fighting a taller opponent who made the cardinal sin of fighting tall, Garcia pressed the action and forced Odom to fight on his heels. Subsequently, Odom was forced against the ropes where the shorter Garcia connected on a savage overhand right that vividly hurt him. Odom was able to survive the rest of the round; albeit, after absorbing some clean powerful shots. The rest of the bout Garcia would control with pure aggression.

The Texan did not think twice about taking his foot off the gas pedal. He chased Odom for the entire fight and in the process introduced his left hook. The left began to land often and by the round number six Odom had no answer for Garcia’s aggression. Odom became a stationary target for Garcia who continued to work the body and follow through with precise left hooks up stairs in round number seven and eight.

The three judges ring side scored the bout 78-74, 80-72, 79-73 all in favor of the crowd favorite Roberto Garcia.

David Tabatadze batters Ruben Rivera

Ruben Rivera 5-3-1, 4KOs was in a war the last time that he was in the ring against Watt’s native Cleven Ishe – a talented new comer. His opponent this past Friday was no different. Both fighters made their way into the ring with a glaring confidence but only Rivera had the crowd’s support. The problem was that the crowd could not help him in the ring against the type of talent that David Tabatadze proved to be.

David Tabatadze 7-1-1, KOs was obviously the more skilled boxer of the two heading into this past Fridays clash. The southpaw completely outclassed the rugged Rivera. From the outset of the fight David established himself as the faster and craftier fighter. Tabatadze had Ruben Rivera vividly battered by the end of round number one. His opponent had no answer for his left that came from all directions and at times wowed the crowd. The first two rounds were all David Tabatadze.

It became apparent that Ruben Rivera’s only chance was to land one of his left hooks, like he had in his previous fight against Cleven Ishe. He did so in round number three. The left hook momentarily stunned Tabatadze and sent him against the ropes. Momentarily is the key word as David Tabatadze quickly recovered and was able to score a knockdown by the end of the same round. The rest of the six round Junior Middleweight fight was controlled by the Ukraine’s left hook.

All three judges tallied the bout in favor of David Tabatdze with one scoring the bout 59-54, and the two other judges ringside scoring the bout 60-53.

Jonny Suarez Hands Mario Evangelista another Loss

In the opening professional boxing fight of the card, Burbank’s Jonny Suarez 7-5-2, 4KOs earned a unanimous decision against Mario Evangelista 3-9, 3KOs in a 6 round Junior Middleweight bout. Suarez initiated the action from the opening bell by concentrating his attack to the body of Evangelista who seemed to be unfazed by his counterparts punching power. The latter would later change. Suarez’s continued to press the action forcing his counterpart back against the ropes. He was then able to tee off on Evangelista; albeit, while also taking two crisp uppercuts in round number three. The fight continued as it had begun.

Evangelista’s only hope to win was by landing one forceful punch that would down Suarez. He was able to connect with a flush straight right in round number five which he hoped would be the punch that would end the bout. It didn’t. Suarez walked straight through the punch on his way to victory number seven of his professional career. One judge ringside scored the bout 60-54, and the remaining judges had the bout scored 59-55 all in favor of Jonny Suarez.

MMA Professional Fights

In his pro MMA debut Los Angeles native Jon Chacon earned a unanimous decision victory against Kevin Michel in a 3 round featherweight bout.

MMA Amateurs

Essen Tally earned a unanimous decision victory against Julian Garcia in a 3 round amateur bout.

Middleweight division, Nicholas Navarro earned a split decision victory against Pimp-It’s Kevin Boston in a three round middleweight


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