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  Gomez “Motivated & Excited” To Face Canelo

By Barbara Pinnella
Photo: William Trillo


It is a few short nights from the most important fight of Alfonso Gomez’ career, and I wanted to speak with him once again to get his final thoughts before his big event. He has come a long way from when I first met him during his stint on Contender.

“A lot of the local reporters, since I started fighting here locally, are pretty excited, because they’ve seen me grow,” he said. “From four rounders, six rounders, to The Contender. Then I started getting bigger fights after The Contender, like the Gatti, and the Cotto, and Jose Luis Castillo on the Manny Pacquiao undercard. It’s been a pretty long process, yet it’s been a good one.

“I’m really motivated and really excited,” he told me. “It’s finally here, the moment that every boxer dreams of. I’m at the pinnacle of boxing, which is fighting for a World title in such a big event in front of millions of people; it’s a dream come true. I really can’t wait until Saturday to show my talents and expose Canelo for what I think he is – he’s a young kid that’s less experienced and I can’t wait to prove it.”

I wondered if there were other weaknesses in Alvarez that Alfonso noticed besides the fact that he does not have as much experience in big fights. “Well, it’s hard to determine weaknesses until I’m actually in there and doing it,” he explained. “I have noticed a few things. Even though he’s a counter-puncher, he can get countered pretty easily too. I’m ready to expose that somehow.

“But he’s improving all the time. They may have already corrected that. But whatever tune they play in the ring, that’s what I’m going to dance to. I’m ready for it.”

Training camp has been going very well for Gomez. The weight is not a problem, as he gets to fight at the higher weight that he is used to. “I’m already on weight, so it’s just a matter of waiting now, there’s just four days to go.”

With all of the media attention that gets placed on a fight such as this, I thought it must be exhausting for the athletes involved. I wondered if it was not only tiring, but distracting for Alfonso as well.

“I’m really happy for all the attention, and it’s part of the game. The more successful I become the more people are interested in what I think, and what I have to say. Sometimes I might be tired, but you do it because it’s part of the job. I’m happy to do it.”

And just in case anyone’s wondering, his band, Hy3rid, will not play him to the ring. “No, they will be ringside watching the fight. I’m going to walk in to the regular Guadalajara song and try to pump the crowd.”

I am one of those who has followed Alfonso throughout a lot of his career, since 2004, and I am also one who is excited for him. He is a genuine nice guy, a gentleman who is always willing to give up some time. So I thank him once again, wish him good luck, and as always,

Be safe and God Bless,
Viva La Raza,


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