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  Alfonzo Gomez Wins 5th Consecutive Bout

By Carlos Cordoba
Photos: Ray Flores


Alfonzo Gomez made his way back into the ring tonight in impressive fashion 14 months after retiring one of the sport’s most prolific fighters. Jalisco’s own systematically destroyed Mexican Legend Jose Luis Castillo, forcing him to not answer the bell for the start of round number six. The fight was fought on March 13th, 2010.

Alfonzo’s victory over Castillo was his fourth straight. The streak began after he himself was systematically destroyed by one of sports greats. Miguel Cotto schooled Alfonzo Gomez for five rounds on his way to his 31st victory on April 12th, 2008.That was then and this is now.

The Contender Alum entered the ring with some of today’s best fighter’s watching ring side. The likes of the WBO Featherweight Champion Michey Garcia, WBC and WBO Junior Welterweight Champion Timothy Bradley, and rough veteran Jesus Soto Caras, took in the action ringside.

Alfonso Gomez quickly KO’d Calvin Green in the second round in a scheduled 10 round welterweight bout at the Morongo Casino Resort and Spa with all eyes on him. The fight was the main event of the card promoted by Bob Arum’s Top Rank in association with II Feathers Promotions and aired live on Fox Sports.

Gomez came out swinging from the opening bell, landing everything in his arsenal including some swift uppercuts. He quickly put an end to the show with a devastating right hook that had Green down on his feet. Referee Tony Crebbs was forced to stop the bout 1:24 into round number two after Green’s inability to defend himself against Gomez’s brutal attack.

“You can call me Benjamin Button if you want,” said the victor in his post fight interview. “I feel younger, stronger and faster.” He then went on to call out some pretty big names in the fight game.

Michael Franco Wins in Unimpressive Fashion

Riverside’s Michael “lil Warrior” Franco 19-0, 12KOs took on Dominican Republic’s Rafael “The Dominican Man” Lora 11-5, 5KOs in an 8 round super featherweight bout. Being the crowd favorite did not serve Franco well as he allowed the quicker Lora to utilize his speed in round number one. The Dominican Man beat Franco to the punch from the outset of the fight and had the Riverside native’s right eye in bad shape by the end of round one.

If Rafael Lora only knew how to sit on his right hook instead of throwing a slapping right hook, he would have ended the bout by round number three. But that was not the case; Michael Franco knew it and walked straight through Lora’s right hooks. He even walked straight into some that would have caused major damage if placed correctly.

Franco progressed to take advantage of his opponent’s lack of punching power and went on to work the body and land some effective hooks in round number four. The body attack weakened Lora, who went on to drop his mouth piece three times in the same round. The ref was forced to deduct a point on the third occasion.

Round number five was all Franco as he continued to press Lora’s midsection setting up his left and right hook. The crowd favorite eventually connected on one of those left hooks, hurting the gassed Dominican.

The following round saw Michael Franco dominate; albeit, all that activity from the previous rounds depleted his energy. It was clear by the end of round six. The lack of wind followed him into round number seven were he was vividly winded, allowing Lora to box like he did in the first three rounds.

Albeit, Lora did not take full advantage of his opponents lack of wind and gave away the round by dropping his mouth guard again. The ref once again deducted a point from Lora. The final round seemed to mirror the first three rounds but Lora lost the fight with his inability to keep his mouth piece where it belongs. It could have been a draw at the least. At the end of 8 hard fought rounds; two judges ring side tallied the bout 77-73, and one had it 76-74 in favor of Riverside’s Michael Franco.

Jose Roman Remains Unbeaten

Santa Ana’s Jose Roman 10-0, 8KOs KO’d Mexican national Jose Medoza 6-2, 3KOs to retain his unblemished record in the televised opener. The fight was originally scheduled for 6 rounds in the welterweight division.

Jose “El Gato” Roman began to work from the outset of the fight. His calculated attack enabled him to land a powerful left hook which floored Jose Mendoza for the first time. Mendoza was able to survive the first knock down but not the second.

Roman continued to apply pressure eventually connecting with a right hook that ended the bout 2:03 into the opening round.

Non Televised Bouts

Gabino Saenz Doesn’t Disappoint

Gabino Saenz 3-0, 3KOs took on James Owens in a scheduled 4 round featherweight scrap. The crowd favorite was accompanied into the ring by Junior Welterweight Champion Timothy Bradley. With the champions support and the backing of the crowd, Gabino did not disappoint.

The left hook was the first to land for Indio’s Gabino. Two more landed consecutively forcing Owens to the canvas. Gabino continued to assault Owens until the ref stopped the bout 2:40 into the opening round.

Michael Farenas Overcomes Attah’s Holding and Wins a Majority Decision

The Philippine’s Michael Farenas 30-3-3, 25KOs earned a hard fought majority decision against Nigeria’s Daniel “The Prophet” Attah 25-7-1, 9KOs in an 8 round super featherweight match.

The fight began as evenly matched as possible, even the pugilist trunks matched. The action was lackluster at best in the first three rounds due to Attah’s holding. He was warned in the second and third round by referee Tony Crebbs. Farenas’ straight left was the reason why the Nigerian employed holding as a tactic to slow down the Freddie Roach trained boxer. Despite his holding, Attah was still putting in work by landing some effective blows in round number four. Farena countered with a left to the body which seemed to hurt his opponent in round number six.

Attah continued to hold after he was hurt by Farenas’ left to the body forcing Tony Crebbs to momentarily stop the bout, deducting a point from the Nigerian in the process. The ref’s actions drew cheers from the crowd. Motivated by the crowds support, Ferana was able to connect with a left hook while Attah crouched against the ropes in round number seven. The blow hurt Attah and sent him reeling against the ropes and almost out the ring for Ferenas’ first knockdown. He proceeded to close the bout by continuing to apply pressure on his winded counterpart. After 8 rounds of fighting one judge ring side scored the bout a draw 75-75 while the other two scored the bout 79-71 and 78-72 respectively handing Michael Farenas a majority decision victory.

Roman Morales KO’s Santiago Alonso

Fresno’s Roman Morales 3-0, 2KO’s knocked out Garden Grove’s Santiago Alonso 0-2 in a scheduled 4 round Super Bantamweight bout. The diminutive Alonso began the bout by landing a right haymaker that was partially blocked; however, that was it. The favored Morales, was able to connect with an effective right hook that sent Alonso to the canvas in the middle of round number one. He then followed through and connected with another right hook that ended the bout 2:52 into the same round.

Alfredo Rivera Impressive in Second Professional Victory

Alfredo “The One” Rivera 2-7 stepped into the ring tonight against El Monte’s Ricky “El Amarrillo” Duenas 8-2, 3KOs in a scheduled 6 round welterweight bout. “The One” began the bout fighting much better than his record reflected. He did what any orthodox fighter must do when fighting a south paw – he let loose with precise straight lefts targeted to the body and to the head.

The favorite on paper, Duenas, was completely confused by round number three. He did not know if he should continue fighting as a south paw or attempt to avoid Rivera’s left by fighting as an orthodox boxer. In the meantime, Rivera continued to double up his jab to set up his left; subsequently, controlling Rivera’s aggression in round number four. Duenas was able to awake in round number five and land some crisp rights.

Rivera stymied that attack on his way to a unanimous decision victory. Two judges ringside scored the bout 58-56, and the other had it 59-55 handing Rivera his second professional victory.

Gossen’s Vahe Saruhan Wins Pro Debut

Joe Gossen trained Vane Saruhan 1-0 made his pro debut in the opening bout of the night. He took an unusual veteran in Jose Pacheco 2-15-6 in a scheduled 4 round lightweight scrap. Saruhan had Pacheco on his heels from the outset of the fight. He did so with his powerful right which landed at will. The overmatched Pacheco eventually caved under Vane’s pressure. The bout ended 2:59 into round number one.


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