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  Hirales Bests Huerta; Russell Rolls To Victory

By Roy Marquez
Photos: Marlene Marquez

A trio of promising young featherweights assembled in San Diego, CA to showcase their wares on Telefutura’s Solo Boxeo Tecate. In the TV opener, veteran Feider Viloria’s experience was no match for the cat-quick reflexes of Gary Russell Jr. And in the main event, upstart Raul Hirales Jr. outworked fellow young gun Charles Huerta to earn a 78-73, 77-74, 74-77 split decision victory.

Huerta (16-2) started the fight on his toes firing the jab. A pair of 3-punch combinations tattooed Hirales. With a minute left in the first Hirales suffered a cut along his left brow. Hirales (12-0-1) came out winging punches to open the second. Huerta fired back and the combatants traded punches in a frenzied round. Hirales pumped the 1-2 with success to open the third. Huerta stood his ground and the two went toe-to-toe at center ring. Hirales hurt Huerta with a borderline belt shot that Huerta thought was low. Huerta got back on his toes to start the fourth but was quickly sucked into the slugfest Hirales favored. Huerta reeled from a belt shot and then knelt in a neutral corner following an obvious low blow. Fighting in close quarters in the fifth, Huerta sunk left hooks into Hirales’ right side. When Hirales lowered his gloves Huerta landed the 1-2 upstairs. Referee Pat Russell deducted a point from Hirales when he strayed below the belt. Once again, Huerta started a round on his toes only to abandon boxing to stand in the pocket and trade. Hirales landed a stirring overhand right that buzzed Huerta near the conclusion of the sixth. In the seventh Hirales unleashed combinations that forced Huerta to grab and hold. Hirales was the fresher fighter and outworked Huerta over the full three minutes. Huerta landed a right on the button at the bell. Hirales fought the eighth crazed and brought the crowd to their feet. Hirales closed the show and convinced two of the three judges he did enough to earn the nod.

Gary Russell Jr. rolled to his 14th straight win with a convincing 70-62, 70-62, 69-63 decision over veteran Feider Viloria. Russell (14-0) worked a straight left behind a blinding jab in the first. Comatosed by speed, Viloria climbed into a defensive shell. Russell picked his shots in the second and timed Viloria with a right hook around his guard. Viloria (23-8-2) attacked to start the third. Russell blocked most of the in-coming and found an occasional opening for his left. A straight left hurt Viloria in the fourth but Russell couldn’t capitalize. Viloria circled in the fifth but couldn’t avoid the first knock down of the fight. Russell caught Viloria with a sweeping left hook that dropped the Colombian in his corner. By the sixth Viloria was wearing the effects of the fight on his face. Viloria wasn’t yet bleeding but sported welts under both eyes. An unintentional head butt fifty-five seconds into round seven opened a deep gash over Viloria’s right eye. Referee Jerry Cantu stopped the contest and sent it to the scorecards.

Middleweight prospect Bastie Samir dominated Loren Myers stopping him on cuts to win by TKO. After punishing Myers (7-11-1) for the majority of the first, Samir finally put Myers on the canvas moments before the end of the opening round. Knowing Myers was hurt, Samir pursued Myers with wild abandon in the second. Open to the counter, Samir ate a solid right hand from Myers. Samir (9-0) took the punch well and landed a right that dropped Myers for the second knockdown of the fight. Samir continued to load up on power punches in the third though Myers managed to stay on his feet. Myers rode his bicycle in the fourth rather than trade with Samir. Samir nearly let the air out of his tires with well placed hooks and jabs to the midsection. Myers faded in the fifth but managed to make it out of the round. Following the fifth, Dr. Eddie Ayoub examined Myers and called a stop to the bout for excessive cuts.

Faces in the crowd: bantamweight world champion Abner Mares.


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