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  Hopkins vs. Pascal II Post Fight Comments

By Daniel Cloutier

Yvon Michel is not in a good mood this morning, but I was right to predict losses by unanimous decision for our two fighters, Jean Pascal and Adrian Diaconu.

Here is how the 1am post fight press conference went down:

Jean Pascal said, "It is a big disappointment for me, but everybody saw that the fight was extremely close. As you know, in many close rounds the judges scored for Hopkins. He is a living legend, it is true, but I was the local fighter. Anyway, I think the fight was so close that a third fight between Hopkins and me is justified. Hopkins took advantage of the fact that I got double vision in the ring for three or four rounds in the middle of the fight. A Hopkins thumb scratched my right eye. I donít know if it was intentional or accidental, but it was tough to fight him with double vision for about nine or 12 minutes of action. I guess that Hopkins will fight Chad Dawson now. On my side, I want to work harder in the gym, I am just 28 years old, and I know that I will be world champion again, and soon."

Bernard Hopkins said, "I am extremely proud of what I did. I just made history. Some people believe that I am a E.T. , because I became the first fighter of 46 years to win a major world title. I am not. My personal discipline helped so much to stay in this business until this day. I always took care of my nutrition. I always trained like hell. I always took boxing seriously. I never took a huge beating in the ring. Do you think that fighters who are getting hit hundreds of times in each fight, can get a long career like mine? Impossible. When I was 37 or 38 years old, I promised to my mother to retire of boxing before my 40th birthday. I did not keep my promise, but I have no regrets. Look what I did after 40 years old. I gave two fabulous fights to Jermain Taylor, I won against Antonio Tarver, Ronald "Winky" Wright, Kelly Pavlik, Roy Jones Jr. and lost by one point against Joe Calzaghe. And, who can say that I looked like a declining fighter here in Montreal, an hour ago? Jean Pascal? He is a talented boxer and I believe that he will win an another world title in 2012. However, he has to take a lesson from this loss. Pascal has the skill to win against the best light heavyweights in the world, but he got to learn to calm himself in the ring. He is like a hungry wolf in the ring, way too hungry. You got to box to win championship fights, not try to knock the opponent out with every punch like he does. Do you think that I did not know that Pascal wanted to take my head off here tonight? I took advantage of the situation. In most of the rounds, I was hitting him with fast and clear shots each time that I felt that he wanted to cut my head off. I did a very intelligent and strategic fight. The teacher gave a lesson to the student tonight."

Chad Dawson said, "I saw most of the Pascal-Hopkins fight. Hopkins did not impress me. He will have to be more active than that to beat a fighter like me. I really hope that he will accept to fight me next November. HBO and the WBC are ready for that. I am positive that I will beat him. Diaconu tried very hard but never put me in trouble. I thought that I could knock him out in the middle of the fight, but I am pretty satisfied with the result. I was a bit rusty after nine months out of action, but I cam promise I will better when I will fight Hopkins... if he is ready to take that risk."

Yvon Michel said, "The result of the Pascal-Hopkins is a huge disappointment for us, but the evening will be remembered by the 17,000 fans at Bell Centre. They saw a living legend made history. I think they will never forget that moment."

Adrian Diaconu did not meet the press.


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