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  Dierry Jean Impressive

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - The Montrealer Haitian Dierry Jean is closer than ever to a participation in a North American super lightweight championship. Thursday night at the Bell Center Theater, in front of about 2,000 fans, Jean got his 20th win (20-0-0), the most important one of his boxing pro career, when he beat the veteran Dominican fighter Francisco Lorenzo (37-11-0) by unanimous decision (98-90, 100-88 and 99-88).

Jean, who used his jab many times in the first two minutes of the fight, floored Lorenzo at the end of the first round, with a solid uppercut on the chin. Lorenzo was aggressive in the next two rounds, but Jean, faster than him, hurt him a few times with his right uppercut.

Jean was very impressive in the round four. The fans became very excitided when Jean attacked Lorenzo with a spectacular series of shots at the end of this fourth round. In the last minute of the fifth round, Lorenzo has been seriously hurt by a Jean’s uppercut. He staggered. Jean attacked furiously during the last minute of the eight round, but the courageous Lorenzo refused to fall.

In the round number nine, Jean, who was at this point in the longest fight of his career, floored Lorenzo for the second time of the evening, with an other uppercut. Jean did not slow down in the 10th. The crowd gave him an ovation at the end.

“Dierry proved his special talent tonight”, said the Jean’s trainer, Mike Moffa. He floored twice a fighter who took all the punches of two great Mexican world champions, Erik Morales and Humberto Soto, he hurt him several times, and he dominated clearly all the rounds with his speed, intelligence and good instinct. I will have a serious discussion with Yvon Michel next week. I really think that my boxer is ready with a major step, may be a North American championship.”

In the other bouts, the Montrealer heavyweight Didier Bence, who was ranked in the Top 10 in the world in the amateurs in 2010, won in third bout (3-0-0) in pro, in beating Pavel Dolgovs (815-2), from Lituania, by unanimous decision.

The Montrealer super lightweight Ghislain Maduma (5-0-0) won a unanimous decision against Jevgenijs Kirillovs (7-12-1), from Lituania; the Greek Montrealer Manolis Plaitis (17-1-1), who was super lightweight Canadian champion in 2008 and 2009, won against Arvydas Trizno (9-14-2), from Lituania, by unanimous decision.

The featherweight Tyler Asselstine (7-0-0), from Ottawa, defeats the Mexican Isaac Bejerano (9-12-1), by TKO in the fourth round.

The Montrealer Colombian heavyweight Oscar Rivas (7-0-0) had an easy evening. He won by KO in the first round against Edgar Kalnars (21-24-0), from Lituania; and the Montrealer columbian Eleider Alvarez (6-0-0), who was ranked third in the world in the amateurs in 2009, won against the light heavyweight canadian Michael Walchuck (9-5-0), from Winnipeg, by KO at the end of the six round. Walchuck surrendered because of a right hand injury

Post Fight Quotes

I knew that Francisco Lorenzo was the biggest challenge of my career, then, I prepared myself like if it was a world championship. I think I had almost a perfect fight offensively. I took advantage of all the Lorenzo’s mistakes. Each time that he was attacking, my replies were great. I know that I hurt him many times. I really believe in the last rounds that I could have stopped him, but he was very courageous like you saw. My uppercuts were fabulous, it is true, but my jabs and hooks were pretty good also. The fact that I finished the fight with energy is showing that I am preparing now for a 12 round fight. Do not forget that I never WENT past the eightH round before tonight. I am ready for a biggest test for January 27th.

Jean Pascal mentioned me many times that Dierry has exceptional talent. He knows, because they are training together on a regular basis. Nobody is better than Dierry in the gym, said Pascal. And I know that he has the maturity now to perform in the ring like he does in training. There are very strong chances that Dierry will be involved in a North American super lightweight championship January 27th in Montreal, or in an Americas Continental championship fight. Dierry was really impressive tonight. He showed that he has all the weapons needed to perform on the international level. He his so natural. I was in Los Angeles with Jean Pascal for the fight Dawson-Hopkins, and Jean told me that Dierry is ready for a fighter of the caliber of Kendall Holt. I believe it now.


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