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  "La Bomba" Defeats "Power"

By Chris Coreschi

The main event featured Edwin “La Bamba” Rodriguez 20-0(14) of Worcester, MA against Will “Power” Rosinsky 14-1(8) of Queens, NY in a ten round super middleweight contest. The bout figured to be a crowd pleaser as both men had unbeaten records and have shown good power in previous bouts. Rodriguez who is ranked in the top ten by the three major sanctioning bodies was looking to improve his position in the super middleweight rankings and possibly put himself in line for a title shot.

The first round was all action with Rodriguez the more accurate puncher and Rosinsky showing more aggression. Both men scored repeatedly with Rodriguez more effective to the body than Rosinsky and both men landing shots up top.

The second round was again action from start to finish with Rosinsky moving forward and Rodriguez making him pay. Rosinsky seemed to be very wary of Rodriguez' power leaving his body wide open and Rodriguez took full advantage landing heavy blows that seemed to bother Rosinsky. Rodriguez landed a big right hand with about twenty seconds to go that stopped Rosinsky in his tracks.

Round three Rosinsky's best thus far and a great round overall. Both men were throwing very heavy shots and had good moments. Rodriguez seemed to land the more effective shots but Rosinsky kept coming forward and applying pressure to Rodriguez.

Another good round for Rosinsky, another better round for Rodriguez. Rosinsky, who is game just doesn't seem to have the power to keep Rodriguez off of him. Rodriguez finished the round with a clean right hand to Rosinky's jaw.

The gap seems to be widening as the rounds progress, Rosinsky uses an effective jab to get inside and Rodriguez counters with a body attack. Continuing to use the body attack to try and bring down the hands of Rosinsky, Rodriguez is taking control of the action working up and down.

Round six slows a little and both men seem to take a breather, Rodriguez is the bigger, more talented fighter and it continues to show as the fight goes on. Round seven sees Rodriguez beginning to press the action more and more landing the bigger, cleaner shots. Rosinsky continues to stand in front of Rodriguez and he is paying a heavy price and Rodriguez unloads power shot after power shot. Rosinky has a great chin.

As round eight starts it is no surprise to find Rosinsky moving forward, “Pressure” might be a better nickname than “Power” though as he can't keep Rodriguez off. The action is non stop as both men exchange blows bringing the crowd to their feet and drawing applause from the press at ringside after what could be a round of the year candidate.

Round nine was another crowd pleaser as as both men continue to trade blows. The action is back and forth and both men have their moments. The round finishes with another strong exchange that Rosinsky seems to get the best of. The tenth and final round is a little less intense than the previous two but it sees Rosinsky continuing to move forward and Rodriguez backing up without throwing as many punches as in previous rounds possibly giving the round to Rosinsky.

After ten rounds of furious action all three judges saw the bout the same way, a unanimous shutout victory for Rodriguez 100-90. I had the bout scored 98-93 in favor of Rodriguez seven rounds to two with one even. The fight was closer than the scores indicate and opinions varied at ringside with Showtime Commentator and current IBO world cruiserweight champion Antonio Tarver had Rosinsky winning the fight. Rodriguez was certainly impressive in victory and Rosinsky was fantastic in defeat. I can't wait to see them both again.

In the co-feature Gabriel Bracero 18-0(3) of Brooklyn, NY was looking to capture his first championship, the vacant NABF junior welterweight title, in a 10 round bout against Daniel “The Hudson Valley Kid” Sostre 11-5-1(4) of Highland, NY. Bracero whose career was interrupted by a six year prison stretch has been on a twelve fight winning streak since his return to the ring. Sostre is coming off a lackluster performance, a unanimous decision loss to Ray Serrano, which he attributed to injuries to both of hands.

Sostre looked tentative and tight early as Bracero moved forward working to the head and body. Sostre came out a little more aggressive in round two and was attempting to mount some offense when Bracero caught him midway through the round with two left hands slowing Sostre, the round finished with a good exchange on the ropes.

The third round was more of the same with Bracero, looking stronger and more economical with his punches, continued to maintain control of the fight. Bracero started using the attack to the body much more effectively in round four scoring repeatedly. Sostre appeared to be tiring as Bracero kept the pressure on.

The fifth round is the most competitive thus far punctuated by a couple of good exchanges including one to close the round. Referee Steve Smoger has not had much to do thus far as the fighters are keeping the action going. I have Bracero ahead five rounds to none at this point. Bracero continues to press forward, seeming to want it more than Sostre does through six rounds. Though Sostre is taller and has a longer reach than Bracero he is being out jabbed, out punched and out hustled so far in the fight.

Rounds seven and eight continued to be the Gabriel Bracero show, his will to win becoming more apparent with each exchange in stark contrast to the lack of will shown by Sostre. Bracero is the more active fighter by a large margin and he had bloodied Sostre's lip by the end of round eight.

The ninth round saw Bracero continue to walk through Sostre with little resistance. Sostre threw a strong left hand with about thirty seconds left prompting Bracero to throw and eight to ten punch combination to end the round. The look Sostre gave Bracero at the end of the round was the toughest thing he threw all night.

Sostre finally showed some life in the tenth round but it was far too little and far too late as Bracero punctuated the round with a strong right hand to hand to body.

Bracero was the busier, stronger and more focused fighter throughout all ten rounds on his way to a clear cut unanimous victory with scores of 100-90 twice and 99-91 to capture the vacant championship.

Non-televised action:

Crowd favorite Ryan “Polish Prince” Kielczewski 12-0(2) of Quincey, MA pounded out a 6 round unanimous decision over game but outclassed Willie Villanueva 10-4(2) of Albuquerque, NM. Kielczewski used his quickness to keep Villanueva off balance for most of the fight, never letting him get comfortable. He also used a stiff jab to bloody Villanueva's nose.

Dyah “Ali” Davis 20-2-1(9), in what one ringside observer called a “right of passage for any super middleweight”, defeated Darnell Boone 19-18-3(8) via unanimous decision, Scores 59-56, 59-55 and 58- 56. Davis used his jab to control much of the fight against Boone who didn't mount much of an offense.

Danny O'Connor 16-1(4) and Bryan Abraham 5-8-2(5) met in an entertaining 6 round junior welterweight fight. O'Connor knocked Abraham down in the second round with a right hand. After suffering a knockdown of his own in the fifth round O'Connor turned up the heat and finished strong in winning a unanimous decision. Scores 59-54,58-54 and, given that O'Connor was knocked down, a baffling 60-54.

In a spirited 4 round junior middleweight scrap Frank Galarza 4-0(1) fighting out of Brooklyn, NY defeated Daniel Lugo1-2 of Harrisburg, PA via unanimous decision, 39-37 on all three scorecards.

Bado  "The Ripper" Jack 8-0(7) knocked out Eddie Caminero with a left hook to the body at 1:47 of the fifth round in a super middleweight bout.

In the opening bout of the evening Delon “Sniper” Parsley 6-0(2) defeated Jevon Boisseau 3-6-1 by unanimous decision in a junior middleweight contest. 60-54 all three judges.


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