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  One On One With Knockout Artist David Lemieux

By Jeff Emond Jeffrey

Jeff Emond Jeffrey: Good morning David! How do you feel?

David Lemieux: Very good and very ready for my fight with Marco Antonio Rubio!

JEJ: How did you train for such a high profile fight?

DL: I trained 5 weeks here near Montreal and 3 weeks in Spain, running in high altitude in the mountains. My cardio is at a very good level, I am better than I ever was! I also studied a lot of Rubioís fights on tapes. Heís a very versatile fighter; heís a boxer-puncher I would say. But he never faced a hungry fighter like me either!

JEJ: So far in your career we have never seen you in any kind of troubles. Any comments?

DL : It depends on the fightersí style. But me, I like to get it close and personal and destroy anyone in my range. Thatís why I was never in danger, Iím taking the initiative in my fights.

JEJ: Do you plan to take him out before the 12th round?

DL: Iíll work hard to get the knockout victory. But if it goes twelve, itís not a bad thing either; I wonít feel bad to have some more rounds experiences in my career. However, Iím preparing for a 12 rounds fight and Iím in shape if it happens. The important thing is to win the rounds decisively!

JEJ: A lot of people are comparing you to a young Mike Tyson. How do you feel about that?

DL: Itís great to be compared to a legend!! Well, this is my style, Iím a devastating puncher, just like Tyson !! My goal is to go into the ring and win the respect of my foes with my punching power and it works!

JEJ: Earlier at the press conference we could not help notice that you remain calm, focused even smiling from time to time. But in the ring, you donít seem to be the same person. Do you notice that you were an intimidator in the ring?

DL : Itís very true! Iím not the same person in my life. In the ring I become someone else and as soon as my opponents feel my power, they fight backward and are forced to change their game plan. It will happen to Rubio.

JEJ: Jason Naugler was the only fighter who ever took you to the limit. Were you discouraged by that fact?

DL: Not at all! On the contrary I was happy to put some rounds in the bank and it felt great! But Naugler is a tough customer, he can take a lots of punches!

JEJ: What do you expect from Rubio?

DL: I expect a knockout from my part

JEJ: Early in the fight or in the later in the fight?

DL: We will see! It will depend on how Rubio wants to fight, close and personal or on the outside, Iím prepared for both. I donít underestimate him. He possesses a lot of experience with very good fighters like Kelly Pavlik, Samuel Miller , Enrique Ornelas, Kasim Ouma to name a few. Even at that point, I feel I will knock him out!

JEJ: Thank you for your time David !

DL: No problem! Be there for the war !


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