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  David Lemieux Promises
A Win Over Joachim Alcine

By Jeff Emond Jeffrey

On December 10 in Montreal, Canadian knockout artist will be back in the ring against none other than former WBA light middleweight champion, JoachinííTi-JoaííAlcine. The young middleweight contender is eager to redeem himself after losing for the first time of his career at the hands of Marco Antonio Rubio last April.

Today, Lemieux agreed to talk to us about is training for his upcoming fight with Alcine for the WBC Intercontinental middleweight championship, his last fight with Rubio and his future plans.

Jeff Emond Jeffrey:
Good evening David, How is your training?

David Lemieux:
My training is going very well, in fact itís the best I ever had. I wonít rest until I secure my win against Alcine. I didnít know changing certain things in my career would be so beneficial for me and Iím happy for it. After losing to Rubio, I needed to add some assets to my style.

JEJ: Not so long ago, your part ways with Russ Anber, a man who trained you since you are 9 years old. Now Marc Ramsay took over your boxing career. What discipline Ramsay is bringing you at this stage of your career?

DL: Well, Iím a 22 years old fighter, so I still have a lot to do and to prove in the ring. Everything is going great with Marc and everyday is a learning experience. I train very hard for this fight and Iím already in great fighting shape. I feel complete now and I have two amazing sparring partners to help me for build my patience in the ring. One of them is Jerson Ravelo, a light heavyweight contender and the other I will keep it a secret, for now. I spar for twelve rounds each time Iím in there with them. So sparring is doing great. I know this will be a tought fight and that is why my training is for a twelve rounds fight. As you already know, Iím higly aggressive during a bout, but you are gonna see a more compose fighter on december 10.

I do a lot of sprint every morning to improve my cardiovascular system. Iím also lifting more weights than any of my previous bouts. Plus, I traded gloves with EleiderííStormííAlvarez to work on some aspects of my technique. I truly feel stronger than ever.

JEJ: Joachim Alcine is a former WBA light middleweight champion. Aside from Marco Antonio Rubio, he represents the most complete fighter that you will be in the ring with. Is it too much of a step up for you as your comeback fight?

DL: Not at all. Me and my team are well prepare for such a big challenge and nothing will be left to chance. Never will I underestimate Joachim, for I know him very well and we were friend. Now, we have a problem with each other, we both want to win this fight so bad. So I know heís coming to fight and looking for redemption himself, so much like me. He may be a former champ and I respect that, but I want to be champion myself and Alcine is in my way. Iím younger, hungrier and my blood is boiling for victory.

JEJ: 24 of your 25 victories comes before the limit. Are you planning to knockout Alcine ?

DL: Thereís a huge possibility for a knockout win on my behalf. Yes, I will take him out. More importantly, I aim to dominate him from start to finish. I will be too much to handle for him and that is a promise.

JEJ: According to some boxing experts, the quality of opposition you fought before the Rubio fight didnít prepare you well for him. Do you agree with this statement?

DL: Rubio was a huge step up me. There some things in my preparation that should have been done different. In a way, Iím proud I was able to dominate him for six rounds, but I couldnít finish the job. He was much stronger than I expected, in a sense that he can really take a lot of punishment. Rest assured, I wonít make the same mistake twice.

JEJ: Would you like a rematch with Rubio?

DL: Absolutey. I truly need to avenge the only lost on my record. But right now, I will take care of Alcine and have some competitive fight before facing Rubio again.

JEJ: In a short period of time, youíre punching power and knockout victories made you one of the most popular and exciting boxer in Canada and beyond. Do you think it all happened too fast for you?

DL: I donít think it happened too fast. Iím trained really hard to make it at where I am now. Iím aware that some people expect me to win my fights rapidly. But, I am now in transition to become much more than hard puncher. I will show boxing fans than I am now a complete fighter. I am ready.

JEJ: Thank you for your time David and good luck.

DL: Always a pleasure!


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