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  Abraham Lopez Runs Over “Locomotora” Espinoza

By Barbara Pinnella
Photo: Linda Peterson


Thompson Boxing Promotions’ “Path to Glory” took place at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario, Calif. this past Friday night. As is the norm for these monthly events, the enthusiastic fans made it standing room only. The crowd was particularly enthusiastic on this night, and that along with the entertaining fights we saw made for an electric evening.

In the main event, Abraham “Chamaco” Lopez (16-0, 12 KOs) and Gerardo “Locomotora” Espinoza (28-12, 26 KOs) faced off against each other in a featherweight bout that was scheduled for eight rounds. On paper this was a very interesting fight. Espinoza has been out of the ring since 2006, and was trying to renew his career.

In contrast, this was the fourth time this year that Lopez walked to the ring. In his last fight, he made very short work of Olvin Meija and causing the stoppage at 1.46 of the very first round. Before that however, he had to work his way through eight hard rounds to gain the victory.

A feeling out first round, with both men having leather touch skin, but with no damage done to either fighter. In the second a fast left put Espinoza down near the end of the round. About the last 30 seconds of the third the fighters exchanged hard blows that bothered each opponent. This round was the best one on the part of each man, as they both absorbed blows.

In the fourth however, Lopez threw another good left hook, and Espinoza went down and out. This shot really rang his bell it was obvious he was hurt. Gerardo spent a bit of time on the canvas before he could get up and walk off. The fight was stopped at .43 seconds of round number four. This was another impressive showing for Lopez, who continues to impress.

The co-main event was between Thompson’s newly signed super bantamweight Richard Contreras (8-0, 7 KOs) going up against Angel Torres (2-7-2, 1 KO). This fight was scheduled for six. But the bout didn’t go any where near that, as Contreras knocked Torres down in the early seconds of the first round, then finished him off at 1:11 of that initial round with a three-punch combination. This was a good way for Richard to continue his Thompson boxing career.

Alberto Herrera (8-3-1, 5 KOs) tried to break that three-fight losing streak when he went toe to toe with Marcus Robinson (4-1) in a scheduled six rounder in the welterweight division. Most of the first round was spent holding by both fighters, showing very little punching. A lack-luster first round. In the second they decided that this was a fight and not a dance competition and began to throw punches instead of hugging. It was not a very decisive round, but it did at least show some action.

Round three, and up to this point it was hard to even begin to find a winner. In the third however, Herrera seemed to start scoring some more points. Much the same story in the fourth, as Alberto’s hands found the face or body of Robinson more than the other way around. So far this was a disappointing showing for an undefeated fighter.

In the fifth, after many warnings about hitting behind the head, referee Ray Corona took a point away from Robinson. At the same time, Marcus got in his best punch of the fight during this round. Even so, it seemed as if the fight was still going Alberto’s way.

The final round showed more action than the other five rounds, but all in all the performances did nothing to really showcase either fighter. We went to the scorecards; 59-54, 58-56, 60-53, all for Herrera.

Welterweights Roberto Crespo (2-1) and Rigoberto Flores (2-1) faced off in a fight scheduled for four rounds. Flores does one better than coming out to his entrance music, he has his own singer who sings a song in the ring as Rigoberto makes his way out.

In what has to be in contention for the best fight of the night, Flores came out strong, but Crespo went on the attack mid-way through the round. In the final 10 seconds, Rigoberto came back again, seemingly angered by the aggression of Crespo. Both men were tough and determined in the second, and both got in some good, hard shots. A good combination here of strength, power and skills, with each of them doing a good job.

Round three found Flores doing the chasing, giving Crespo no chance to set up and fight. Rigoberto was always on the attack, and Roberto seemed to not know what to do with that style. Round four saw the same aggression from Flores. He fought a super fight on this night, leaving the usually skilled Crespo looking completely lost. We went to the scorecards; 39-37, 39-37, and 40-36, all for Flores. It might be only his third bout, but he fought the fight of his life tonight in an awesome and well-deserved upset.

Juan Reyes (4-0-1) and Alejandro Ochoa (1-1, 1 KO) locked horns in a featherweight bout that was scheduled to go four rounds. The first round was full of action, as both men looked to be trying to end the fight early. They kept up that pace for the entire three minutes. I would like to say they slowed down in the second, but other than having to wait for a blown mouthpiece to be rinsed off and put back, it was another non-stop round.

Still the same thing in the third, but accuracy and power was all in the favor of Reyes in this round. He was almost landing at will on Ochoa, but Alejandro would not give in and kept trying to come back.

For most of the fourth Ochoa was Juan’s punching bag. Both of Alejandro’s eyes were very swollen and he took some really hard shots throughout the entire round. But he kept coming back, and showed a ton of grit. We went to the scorecards; 39-37, 40-36, 40-35, all for Reyes.

Two fighters made their professional debut as Isaac Zarate entered the ring against Anthony Briones. This was a bantamweight fight scheduled for four rounds, the third four-rounder of the evening. It was Zarate that scored first blood, as he put Briones down in the first. Anthony came out with more aggression in the second, but for the most part his punches did not have a lot of effect on Isaac.

The third saw Briones come back a bit, but Zarate was still the harder puncher. Isaac was in complete control in the fourth and final, and just pounded away on Anthony. Briones was saved by the bell and the fight went to the scorecards; 40- 35, 40-34, and 40-35, all for Zarate. Isaac gets his first victory as a pro.

So another Thompson Boxing Promotion event is in the books. Tonight was a really strong card, with all but one fight highly entertaining. Lopez is definitely one to continue to watch, Contreras is a little powerhouse, and Flores was just awesome. I’m looking forward to the next one.

Be safe and God Bless,
Viva La Raza,


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