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  Maidana vs. Morales Teleconference

By Barbara Pinnella

On April 9th at the Grand Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada, Marcos Maidana will face off against Erik Morales. Maidana has a history of stopping his opponents, with 10 KO’s in the first round. Twenty two of the 29 who have faced off with him have not seen the fourth round.

He lost his last fight to Amir Khan, and was asked if he felt the judges stole the fight from him.

“Yes, I thought I won, but I do have faith in the commission. It’s not going to matter (in this fight); I’m going to win the fight.”

When asked what he was focusing on for this fight, Maidana said, “Mainly my weight. I have to be fast and strong. I know this is and important fight for my career. I was very happy when I got the call for the fight.

“It’s going to help my career tremendously,” he continued. “It’s an important fight and I have to win, but it’s not going to be an easy fight.”

Marcos was asked if he has watched any of Morales’ three comeback fights. “Yes, I have seen them,” he answered, “and he looked like a fighter who’s been off for three years. But I’m training for the early Morales.”

He was then queried about his change of trainers, from Miguel Diaz to Rudy Perez. “I reached a point with Miguel where I wasn’t advancing any more. I hit a plateau with Diaz. So I switched to Perez. Originally I was supposed to train with “Nacho” Beristain. I left Argentina and flew to Mexico. As soon as we touched down he told me he couldn’t do it. It was upsetting and unprofessional. Apparently (Juan Manuel) Marquez couldn’t handle it. But there’s always someone better, and I think I found a better trainer in Rudy Perez.”

Finally, it was mentioned that Erik might be afraid of Maidana’s rabbit punches and his power, to which Marcos replied, “Look I don’t try to do that, but it’s a war in there, and sometimes that happens. And yes, I do have power, and if I hit someone as hard as I can they’re probably not going to be able to take it.”

Thanks went out to Maidana and we were on to Morales, who of course, feels that this is an important fight for him as well. “I’m trying to do what no other Mexican fighter haws done – win four divisional titles.”

It was brought up that most everyone has Maidana the favorite in the fight. He responded, “The fight is more important if he’s the favorite. Remember, I chose Maidana. I just hope he follows the rules. I’ve had a great camp and feel great.”

And how does he feel about fighting a kid who’s in his prime? “I don’t have to explain myself – I have a goal. I thing I’m reaching my peak. I know one thing for sure; that at the end of the fight I’m going to be declared the winner. I chose him for a reason. He comes forward and throws punches, but do you think he hits harder than Manny Pacquiao, for instance? Styles make fights and I think our styles fit.”

It was mentioned that if Erik wins this fight it would be one of the greatest comebacks in many years, having retired in 2007 after losing a unanimous decision to David Diaz. This fight will be his fourth fight back.

“It is very important for me to be motivated. For me this fight brought that out. It’s given me a goal. But to fight a fighter who is bigger, stronger, and younger gave me that goal. After I lost the Diaz fight I was devastated. I wanted to blame people, I felt very sad. Right away I wanted to come back, but I got very depressed. I began to wonder what made me really happy, and that was fighting. I love to fight! In October of 2009 I started training and haven’t quit since. Each fight I’ve had since I came back I feel better and better. You’re going to see a different fighter.”

It was brought out that Maidana had said that Morales’ time had past. Erik replied, “I’ve heard the same from a bunch of fighters. I’m not old, I just decided at 30 to take a break. Believe me, I’m going to be ready for this fight.”

There had been questions about the health of Morales, and he commented on that. “I know physically I’m strong. But it was very hard to make weight in those lower classes. But I have done all the tests, and I’m fine.” (This had been attested to earlier on, that he had passed tests not even required at his age, and passed all of them very, very recently.)

Morales concluded with this; “I just hope he stays clean for this fight, because if he does something that’s dirty – I’m a clean fighter – but if he does, there’s going to be payback.”

With that the press conference ended, with many looking forward to the fight.

Be safe and God Bless,
Viva La Raza,


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