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  Antonio Margarito Will Be Examined By NYSAC Physician, Halfway Between Mexico & New York

By Damon "LatinBox" Gonzalez

New York - In the midst of one week and one day left for a grudge showdown rematch between Antonio Margarito vs. Miguel Cotto, the NYSAC, after hearing deliberations from Attorneys representing Margarito, stand by their decision that if Antonio Margarito wants a license to fight in New York he must take an eye examination by a Physician from the NYSAC.

Margarito's attorneys asked the panel to take into consideration that Margarito is training in the mountains in Mexico and they feel it will be crucial and dangerous to his training to fly to New York to take the exam. Margarito's attorneys gave an alternative that all doctors on NYSAC and Margarito litigate a conference and diagnose a resolution to the matter to issue clearance for Margarito.

State Department Judge Torres clearly denied that alternative and stated that both sides will be addressing this to eternity.

NYSAC Commissioner Chair woman Melvina Lathan made it clear that Top Rank and Margarito submitted paperwork to fight in NY October 31st. Margarito and Top Rank have been contacted various times since then by the Commission to conduct the exam. Top Rank delayed a response every time they were reached. The Commissioner made it clear "no exam, no license".

Attorneys of Margarito were then able to present another resolution: if the physician from NYSAC can meet Margarito at a halfway point somewhere in between NY and Mexico. Margarito's attorneys recommended that they will cover the physicians accommodations.

NYSAC took that into consideration, however have just hours left to work things out.

This presents it self as the final opportunity for Antonio Margarito to take the exam and be granted a license to fight Miguel Cotto at Madison Square Garden on Dec 3rd.


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