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  Los Angeles Matadors Clinch Playoff Birth

By Carlos Cordoba

The Avalon in Hollywood, CA was host to the Los Angeles Matadors of the World Series of Boxing as they made their final home stand. The Matadors went toe-to-toe with their conference rivals the Mexico City Guerreros in week 11 of the inaugural season. Both squads were tied in the team standings leading into Monday’s bouts and where literally fighting for a birth into the WSOB playoffs.

The World Series of Boxing teams are compromised by amateurs that earn a salary but are able to retain their amateur status; thus, giving each boxer the opportunity to compete for a chance to box in the 2012 Olympic games in London. It’s a new global boxing competition from the International Boxing Association (AIBA). The league is gives promising amateurs the exposure and ring experience of professional boxing without hindering their ability to compete as amateurs.

The card dubbed “The Battle of the Americas: The Brawl to Settle it All,” drew an electric crowd which included several celebrities. Amongst the more notable where legendary former Heavyweight Champ Evander Holyfield, boxing aficionado Lou Ferrigno, former IBF welterweight champion Pauli Malignagi, and Daniel Ponce De Leon. Moday’s card was to benefit the Generation Rescue foundation. This event will air on the Versus network on March 19, 2011 at 2:00pm (EST).

The main event of the night saw Los Angeles Matador David “The Dream Catcher” Imoesiri systematically destroy his game opponent in former 2010 Mexican National Olympic gold medalist Mario Hereida. The scrap was a highly entertaining heavyweight fight that went the scheduled five rounds. David Imoesiri began the fight by landing his signature straight right almost at will. He was masterful in using his stiff left jab to set up his signature straight right. It was quite impressive to observe the faster and much bigger Imoesiri in action.

Mexico City’s Mario Hereida (58-10) found his counterparts agility troubling and was only able to connect when David Imoesiri (87-14) tired. It was clear that Imoesiri was in control of the fight as both fighters walked to their corners at the end of the fourth round, even after Hereida was able to connect with a crisp right uppercut that was followed by a left hook.

The fight became explosive in the fifth and final round as both fighters began to exchange in the middle of the ring, to the detriment of Mexico City’s pugilist who was caught with a flush straight right that severely stunned him. Mario Hereida was able to finish the fight on two feet, but not without taking some severe blows from his counterpart. The bout ended with two judges scoring the bout 50-45, and the other scoring the bout 50-44 in favor of David “The Dream Catcher” Imoesiri who improved his WSOB record to 2-0.

Rau’Shee “Baby Pit” Warren out-guns Braulio Availa

Two-time United State Olympian Rau’Shee “Baby Pit” Warren (309-11) pulled out a vivid unanimous decision victory against a brave Braulio Avila (73-18) in a five round Bantamweight clash. Warren began the fight by using his superior hand speed to connect on several right hooks. He continued to use his innate ability to box and penetrated his opponents guard to land a flush left hook in round number two. The rest of the fight saw much of the same as Rau’Shee Warren continued to connect at will, landing combinations to the body followed by remarkable blows upstairs.

The Guerreros’ Braulio Avila was successful in penetrating Warren’s guard. He was able to land a left hook that produced a small cut above the right eye of Warren in round number four; albeit, his left hook was met by a multiple punch barrage. The judges scored the bout 50-45 in favor of the Los Angeles Matador’s team captain.

“I went in there pretty confident knowing that I was going to beat him with my speed,” said Rau’Shee Warren after his victory. “I was able to turn him around and catch him, and land the big shots.”

Chris “Sweet Pea” Pearson Survives the Storm

In other action, Los Angeles Matador Chris “Sweet Pea” Pearson (92-8) earned a split decision victory against Mexico City’s Yamaguchi Florentino (110-41) in a five round middleweight bout. The first round was uneventful but for a Florentino straight right that caught the quicker Pearson coming in and briefly staggered him. The Guerrero’s fighter established himself with a more aggressive attack in round number two but quickly tired.

Chris Pearson took advantage of his opponent’s lack of wind and was able gain control of the bout in round number three. He continued to use his superior speed and defensive presence to slow the game Yamaguchi Florentino who seemed to be back in the fight as round four began.

Yamaguchi Florentino was deducted a point for a blow behind the Pearson’s head; however, he was able to score a knock down with an awkward right hook that connected as Pearson was retreating in the same round to nullify the point that was taken from him. When it was all said and done one judge scored the bout 48-45 for Florentino, while the other two judges scored the bout 48-45 and 47-45 in favor of Chris Pierson. This fight was by far the toughest fight to score of the entire card.

“I knew coming in that it was going to be a tough fight, he was the top guy in our weight class,” said Chris Pearson after his victory. “I knew that he was more experienced (in the WSOB), I just felt like if I bent down and try to take it at the end I would be able to get it.”

Chris Pearson Improved his World Series of Boxing record to 2-0, while Yamaguchi Florentino’s dropped to 4-2.

Katende defeats Shabranshyy

Mexico City Guerrero Kennedy Katende (108-30) defeated the Los Angeles Matador’s Vyacheslav (180-20) in a five round light heavyweight bout. The unanimous decision victory was Mexico City’s only team victory of the night.

Kennedy Katende began the bout by immediately landing several left hooks as his taller opponent stalked his every move. This was the story of the fight as the valiant Shabranshyy pressed the action, only to be met by Katende’s left hooks. Those left hooks did not hurt the taller Vyacheslav Shabranshyy, but they did do enough to impress the three judges at ringside. They all scored the bout 48-46 in favor of Ketende.

Vyacheslav Shabranshyy suffered his first WSOB defeat 4-1, while Kennedy Katante improved his record to 2-1.

Flores Wins

The opening bout was a duel between Los Angeles Matador Eric “Ny Quil” Flores (62-18) and Mexico City’s Juan Pablo Romero (171-9). Both fighters began the night by letting go of everything they had, with Flores landing the most effective blows. The action was halted in the second round due to an incidental head bunt that opened a gash above Romero’s right eye.

Per World Series of Boxing rules, because the fight was stopped after the first round, it was then able to go to the score cards. All three judges scored the bout 20-18 in favor of Eric Flores who improved his WSOB record to 1-1.


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