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  Time To Meet Denis Douglin

By Barbara Pinnella

Twenty-three year old Denis Douglin is no different than most young men trying to make it in the world of boxing. He is ambitious, dedicated, and driven. With a record of 13-1 with 8 KOs, this Light Middleweight hailing out of New Jersey seems to be well on his way to make a statement. Not unlike other hungry fighters, right? Oh, did I mention that he is trained by his mother?

Saphya Douglin, a former boxer herself and now a trainer, would take Denis to the gym with her. I started boxing when I was eight years old. My mom forced me to come to the gym with her I actually hated boxing when I first started but she kept me going, and as I kept doing it I grew to love it and it took off from there.

Which then made his nickname of Mommas Boy a little easier to understand. It actually started to make it funny, since my mother trains me. When I was little some would call me Mommas Boy as a joke and making fun of me, and I just put it on my shorts, again as a joke, and I got a lot of attention from it. You know, like, Mommas Boy, whats that about? It just brought me a lot of attention and I just went on with the name.

I am a mommas boy because Im very close to my mom, so it just works.

The one loss that Denis suffered was one fight ago in February, when he lost to Doel Carrasquillo (14-17-1) in the third round by a TKO. I asked him what led up to that loss, and got an honest answer. I was overconfident, he told me. I didnt take my opponent seriously, and I didnt train as hard as I usually train. I pretty much just took the fight for granted. I went in there and got hit with a shot that I wouldnt have gotten hit with if Id trained like I usually do.

But the loss did prove one thing to Douglin. I learned a tremendous amount. You cant cheat on anybody. Ive got to go in there like its a World Title fight every time.

Douglin likes to fight often. He had six fights in both 2009 and 2010. He has only had two fights so far this year, and told me that hes hoping for another fight in August.

I love to stay active. And even if Im not fighting, Im always in the gym. I might as well get something out of it, so Id rather just keep fighting, but Im a gym rat. Like right now, Im sitting in the gym. They told me not to work out today, but I came anyway and Im just sitting here. I love being here.

If Im not boxing Im doing some form of working out. I love every aspect of the workout experience. So if Im not in the gym boxing Im taking a cardio classes, or trying to get a little better with weights; this is pretty much my life, all I do is box.

He is a very focused young man, and has a different idea when it comes to extra-curricular activities. I have the rest of my life to party. Right now I want to focus on a world title. As I said, I lost track a little bit the fight before, and Im not going to let that happen again, so I just want the world to look out for me. Were definitely bringing something refreshing to the sport, we take it very seriously, and we want to take over.

Denis does not know with whom or when his next fight will take place, but whenever it happens he will be ready. I want to thank him for speaking with me and wish he and his mom good luck.

Be safe and God Bless,
Viva La Raza,


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