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  Time To Meet Ė Ricky Lopez

By Barbara Pinnella

At the young age of 24, Denver, Colorado native Ricky Lopez (7-1) is staging a comeback. An accomplished amateur fighter with a record of 89-9 and nine or 10 National Championships under his belt, Lopez has eight professional fights to his credit. Some of you might have seen him out here in L.A., as he has fought four times at Club Nokia.

But his last fight was a little more than a year ago, and it was that bout that handed him his first pro loss. Since he has been off since last July, I asked him if he was injured in that fight.

ďIíve been off with a hand injury,Ē Ricky told me. ďI hurt it three fights before that, but kept fighting with it. I havenít had surgery yet. I think they have to drain it and take some calcium deposits out. They will start working on it the beginning of next week.Ē

So itís been a rather long year for Lopez. Time has not healed the hand, but then again itís hard when one keeps training. ďWell, I havenít used it as much Ė itís my left hand, and thatís my dominate hand, so Iíve been working on my right and staying in shape. Iím trying to make my right hand as good as my left, so itís a good thing and bad thing. But at least my right hand will be better by the time my left heals.Ē

He said that he should not be out long after the procedure. In fact, Golden Boy called him the day before we spoke and told him that he is fighting September 17th on one of the mega-fight undercards. ďEither card, Iím blessed,Ē he told me. ďIíll be happy with either one of them.Ē

As soon as Ricky gets his hand fixed, he is coming back out to California. When he was here before he stayed with Victor Ortiz. He will probably be with Ortiz again when he gets back. As he said, either fight card would be fine, but it would almost certainly be a bit more exciting for him to be under Ortiz.

ďI was going through pictures yesterday of me and Victor. I remember we used to be in love with Fernando Vargas and used to say, ĎOne day thatís going to be us!í Now heís at that level. Itís kind of crazy.Ē

Although boxing is the main focus for Lopez right now, he has many other interests. ďIím an actor too; Iíve been acting since I was in the sixth grade. I do a little music as well. Iím an entertainer, so I can do anything.

ďIím also going to get my real estate license. I want to be successful. My main goal is to be World Champion. Boxing is the love of my life. As long as I donít have a fight coming up I can other things in my off time, but otherwise itís boxing. If I have a fight, Iím going to be 100% boxing.Ē

Ricky had one year of college studying business and management, but has been reading business books and positive thinking books since he was 15 or 16. ďI just want to be successful both inside and outside of the ring. I talked to one teacher on the east coast about my going to school for business and management and he told me thatís what he taught. But then he told me that he had never owned a business. How could he teach me how to run a business if heís never owned a business? We stopped there.

ďMy father owned a few businesses. He failed at them, but I learned off his mistakes. I know that anything I do Iím going to be successful with Godís help.Ē

Good luck to Ricky. Hereís hoping that hand finally gets fixed and that he comes back 100%. And as always, I want to thank him for his time.

Be safe and God Bless,
Viva La Raza,


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