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  John Molina Wins On ESPN “Friday Night Fights”

By Carlos Cordoba

John Molina 23-1, 18KOs earned a TKO victory over Colorado’s Robert Frankel 28-11-1, 5KOs in the main event of ESPN’s “Friday Night Fights” at the Pechanga Casino and Resort in Temecula, CA. The trilling fight card was promoted by Goossen Tutor promotions.

Referee Raul Caiz Jr. was forced to stop the night’s headlining bout at the end of round number five. His stoppage was a consequence of John Molina’s brutal and calculated attack which left Robert Frankel’s face bludgeoned. It was truly a gruesome scene. Frankel face had open wounds in several places as blood poured profusely through them. The outcome of the fight was predictable after the end or round number one.

The first round of the main event saw little action; albeit, one wouldn’t have guessed by Robert Frankel’s appearance. Two rights from John Molina bloodied Frankel instantaneously. Frankel’s wounds would only progress to worsen as Molina applied pressure and savagely attacked the wounded veteran on his way to a technical knockout.

Mauricio Herrera Defeats Michael Dallas Jr.

In the televised co-feature, Lake Elsinore’s Mauricio Herrera 18-1, 7KOs earned a majority decision victory against Michael Dallas Jr. 17-2-1, 7KOs in a ten round Jr. Welterweight bout.

It was Michael Dallas Jr. who began the fight strong by utilizing his superior physical ability to box and move working of his stick. He was able to do the latter in the opening round. The rounds that followed would see Herrera pressure Dallas Jr. against to ropes, often making his counterpart fight on his Heels.

Fighting in front of a Partisan crowd, Herrera continued to up his aggression. He worked off his stiff jab that set him up for some powerful left hooks which landed often. The constant pressure forced Michael Dallas Jr. to fight in close quarters, a style not complementing of his athletic prowess. It should be noted; Dallas Jr. did find success and at times looked like he would take control of the bout.

Herrera seemed to be fatigued in the latter rounds as he found success with his aggressive style; however, the constant pressure also tired him. After walking down his opponent for almost seven rounds, Herrera allowed Michael Dallas Jr. to garner some much need momentum in round number eight; a round that saw the Bakersfield native concentrate his attack to the body of his foe. Dallas Jr. also did some good work fighting of the ropes. But it was Herrera’s Sisyphean will that propelled him to win an animated round number nine.

The tenth and final round saw Michael Dallas Jr. control the early round as it was he who had the winded Herrera backed against the ropes. Herrera did not capitulate and finished the round strong on his way to a majority decision victory.

When the final bell rang, one judge had scored the bout a draw at 95-95, the second judge had it 98-92, and the final judge saw it 96-94 in favor of Herrera.

“I knew that it was going to be an ugly fight, a lot of holding… and low blows. I felt I kept busy,” said Mauricio Herrera as he summed up his victory in one phrase in a post fight interview.

Ricardo Williams Victorious Over Arman Ovsepyan

Former 2000 Olympian Ricardo Williams 19-2, 10KOs earned a split decision victory against Arman Ovsepyan 11-2, 9KOs in an 8 round Welterweight Bout.

Round number one was lacked action as both fighters attempted to become acclimated to each other’s styles. The tactical match continued into the second were Ricardo Williams settled into the role of the counter puncher and allowed the Armenian native to calmly stalk him for the entirety of the fight.

At times, it seemed like Arman Ovsepyan was the fighter that was winning the strategic match. His continued attack forced Ricardo Williams to retreat in the fourth and fifth rounds. Ovsepyan focused on Williams’s body and then would follow through with forceful straights and hooks. He was able to land a left hook followed by a straight right that moved the crowd in the following round; albeit, Ricardo Williams followed through and dominated the rest of round number six by completely outclassing his foe.

Williams discovered his short left hook in the former round, and successfully connected on several occasions. A tired Williams allowed Ovsepyan to take the momentum that he had garnered in the former round. Ovsepyan seemed comfortable in the ring as he forcefully applied pressure on a tired Williams in round number seven; however, his pressure wasn’t enough. Williams came back to dominate the eighth and final round with his straight left which landed on several occasions. He moved Ovsepyan back with one that was followed by a right.

One judge ringside scored the bout 77-75 for Ovsepyan, while the other two judges saw the bout 79-73 and 77-75 handing Ricardo Williams wins a split decision victory.

Vahe Saruhan Wins 2nd Professional Bout

Vahen Saruhan 2-0, 1KO took on Oscar Santana 1-1, 1KO in a 4 round lightweight bout. In a match of evenly talented newcomers with different fighting styles Saruhan came out victorious. The rangy Santana tried to make it a fight but was unable to cut the ring off against a much quicker and skilled boxer.

Javier “El Intocable” Molina Beats Foe

Javier Molina 8-0, 4KOs earned a unanimous decision victory against Hector Alatorre 16-16, 5KOs in a 6 round Jr. Middleweight bout.

Matt Villanueva Fights to a Controversial Draw

Matt Villanueva 6-0-1, 6KOs and Ernie Marquez 9-8-2, 3KOs fight to a technical draw. The bout ended after Marquez was hit with a low blow and was unable to continue.


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