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  Monday In Montreal With David Lemieux

By David Cloutier

The Montréal media met with David Lemieux and I would like to run these quick quotes by you as we head into fight week:

Russ Anber, Lemieux’s trainer:
The fight Lemieux-Rubio will be a historic fight in Québec, because never in the history of the Québec boxing do we get a fight between two powerful punchers of the caliber of Lemieux and Rubio. I am sure that the loser of the fight will get a medical preventive suspension of 30 or 60 days.

When Russ is saying that the loser of the fight will get a medical preventive suspension, he forgot to specify the loser’s name. I will. It will be Rubio. I am more and more persuaded that Rubio will not reach the 12th round. If Rubio thinks that I will lose energy if the fight is long because my lack of experience, he will get a surprise. I am completing the best preparation of my career. Three months of solid training, with three weeks of work in high altitude in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain gave me a the energy to run a marathon. And with a preparation less than half of my actual preparation, last year, I tortured Jason Naugler for 10 rounds in a row (his only bout not won by K.-O. or TKO), and in the 10th round, I was energetic like in the first round. It is very bad news for Rubio.

I asked him, "David, do you think that Rubio will try to surprise you in the first round?"

Yes. He will certainly try to test my chin. He won 15 times in the first round. I will keep my hands up, and shoot powerful punches each time that I see a hole in his defense. It will be a very exciting bout for the fans.

Yvon Michel:
Seven or eight years ago, we would draw 20,000 fans with a fight like that. But, you all know the situation, our two world champions, Jean Pascal and Lucian Bute, have all the attention from the fans and the media, and it is them who draw the big crowds. However, Lemieux will be in that league very soon. I am involved in serious negotiations with HBO, for a long term contract for Lemieux. Do you know many boxers of 22 years old who get long term contract with HBO? Kerry Davis, the vice-president of HBO, will call me back Saturday, if Lemieux has an impressive win against Rubio. He will see the fight on ESPN-2.


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