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  Montreal Weigh-In Day

By Daniel Cloutier

Yesterday was the weigh in for Jean Pascal, Bernard Hopkins, Chad Dawson and Adrian Diaconu. Only Hopkins was overweight, but by only nine ounces. He went on the scale for the second time, but naked this time, and he was four ounces over. The WBC gave him two hours to lose the weight. He came back after 40 minutes, and made the exact same weight than Pascal, 174.14.Pascal and Hopkins did not talk. Dawson and Diaconu got perfect weights.

Marc Ramsay Pascal’s trainer Sid, "Jean is very very confident to win. His motivation to beat Hopkins is hire than ever. He has more skills, speed and power than Hopkins and I sure that he will be the master in the ring. if Hopkins tries to break Jean’s concentration in becoming dirty I gave to Jean the order to reply. If Hopkins gives a elbow shot, Jean will give two elbow shots. If Hopkins hits low, Jean will give two low shots. Jean took a good lesson from the first fight with Hopkins. December 18th, Hopkins did mistakes that cost him two visits on the floor but this time he will pay more, a lot of more. I don’t expect a short fight, because Hopkins has a lot of experience in championship fights, but I am positive that Jean will leave the ring with the WBC belt."

My prediction: Hopkins and Dawson will win by unanimous decision.

The way I see it, If Pascal and Hopkins could be member of their track and field Olympic teams, Pascal would be the specialist of 100 meters, and Hopkins the specialist of the U.S. marathons team. Hopkins is the master of the long fight, like Manny Pacquiao and Carl Froch. Pascal is fast and explosive, but he has always been better from the first to the seventh round, then from the eight to the 12th round Jean has always a lack of energy in the last four rounds. We saw this against Froch, Dawson (in the 11th round) and Hopkins (in Québec City). It is very possible that Pascal will put Hopkins in trouble in the first four or five rounds, but Hopkins, like always, will be at his best in the last four rounds of the fight. He, Bernard, will win but I don’t think that Hopkins can stop Pascal, because Jean proved his toughness against Froch and Hopkins (in Québec City in December). Even when he was tired in the last four or five rounds of these fights, Jean survived.

Dawson has a very complicated style for Diaconu. He is a tall southpaw, he has very longs arms, and he has more skills than Diaconu. Diaconu is short so he will obliged to attack constantly and put his defense in jeopardy. Diaconu, like Pascal, is not Mister Energy.


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