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  A New Beginning For Alfonso Gomez

By Barbara Pinnella


Life is good for Alfonso Gomez right now. He has a wonderful family, with wife Dulce, and daughter Heidi Luna. He sings in his own band, Hy3rid, and also writes music for them. He has a family that supports him in his boxing career, with his father, Alfonso Gomez Sr. acting as his trainer.

But to say that Gomez is ready for his upcoming fight at the Morongo Resort and Casino in Cabazon, California is an understatement. On May 21st Gomez, with a record of 22-4-2 and 11 KOs, will go up against Calvin Green (21-5-1, 13 KOs). I spent part of a day watching Alfonso train at the Maywood Boxing Club before getting to speak with him.

On this day he sparred a total of nine rounds, five with Brandon Adams, and four with Javier Molina. Totally different fighters here, both in style and experience. Adams has had only two pro fights and four amateur contests. The young Molina had a long and successful amateur career and has had several professional fights. In fact, Molina fought on the Ward/Abraham undercard this past weekend and won his fight by unanimous decision, winning every round on all three cards.

I like sparring with kids that let me work up there, he told me. I can measure my distance and work on everything else weve talked about in training. Its great sparring with those kind of fighters because they allow you to work, and at the same time they learn a lot, fighting with an experienced fighter like myself.

Gomez has not been in the ring since March of last year, and I asked him to remind me why. Four fights last year fell through because of injuries. I pushed my body at a young age. I wasnt one of those fighters that got protected by the promotions. I got pushed early, so therefore I pushed harder in the gym than most fighters do. So right now Im starting to feel the injuries.

Yet Im learning too, as I go. Now I know how to work around the injuries and still keep my conditioning, still do well in the gym, and still be able to spar. Im feeling more than healthy. The injuries are gone. A year and a half without fighting, that should be enough to heal anybody. So its all a matter of experience, and Im glad Im going to get this fight, especially in Southern California, because I havent fought here in many years.

As is the norm with boxers now, Alfonso uses a combination of boxing and conditioning for his training. He has added something else to his recipe. I train physically through boxing, I train on conditioning through my conditioning and strength coach, but I also train my mind with motivation. Im finding what gives me that hot white desire, that burning desire to be champion, and thats one reason why Im training so hard. I find this fight the first step in reaching this goal.

He explained that one can train their mind to always be excited and have that desire to always be successful. If you have that motivation every day, then you come to the gym every day like you love it, because you do!

And this is the main event Im always on the undercard so being the main event in Southern California is great! Thats also why Im training so hard. Friends and family will be there and I dont want to disappoint anyone, especially myself. He (Green) is coming to my house, Southern California, to challenge me, so Ive got to make sure that he doesnt go away with the victory.

This is the beginning, four or five fights more, or two fights, or one more, and I get a big one, he continued, which is what Im looking for. My names up there in the rankings and Im recognized all over the world, so if I can put in a good performance against a great fighter like Calvin Green a very tough opponent than that should show Top Rank and the rest of the world that Im ready for something bigger again. Fighting is my passion, and Im training hard, because Im going for Pacquiao. I know everybodys going for him, but hes number one on my idol list, and hes also number one on my hit list!

Unlike some fighters, Alfonso watches tapes of his opponents. I like making a plan for them, he told me. Most fighters are very repetitive with their instincts, especially when theyre under pressure. Your instinct comes out more than your mind. I like to watch the repetitions certain fighters make to capitalize on that.

I know Green likes to come forward so Im working to make this a really exciting fight. Im Mexican, so I love to fight those types of fighters.

It was time to talk about Gomez band, Hy3rid. Ah, I love my band! My brothers Robb and Jesus (Dr. Zeus) and I started it. I love rhyming in Spanish. I find words have a lot of power, so finding a way to rhyme and use word play to make it funny or really hit people and have them feel what youre saying its as challenging as being up in the ring and having people like what you do in there. I love the music, I love rapping. I have more than 1000 songs written down.

When I showed surprise Alfonso explained. I didnt know I was a writer until I started with my band 10 years ago. But now that I look back I started writing music when I was eight. I just thought it was something that everybody did. Now I realize that not everybody does it and I just have the talent for it.

I never liked rap, Ive always been a romantic type, listening to Jose Jose, Luis Perales, all those romantic singers and songs. When I started getting into rapping I fell in love with the word play that the rappers do, so I started to implement that in Spanish. So far people are loving it. The music is a mixture of hip-hop, rock in Espanol, and just a mixture of different songs.

But Gomez lets his brothers handle the music. He doesnt want to get in the way of that, nor does he want to have music get in the way of his boxing right now. I concentrate on my boxing and my brothers handle the music. Whenever they need me to perform Im there, whenever they need me to write music I write it down. But in terms of promotions and gigs, that type of thing, they handle it.

Besides the three Gomez brothers, the other members of the band are Tavo, who is the bassist, and Daniel, the keyboard player who also acts as a DJ.

So Alfonso is content. Life is good because I want it to be good. I have a beautiful wife who is very good to me, I have a gorgeous daughter. I have a great dad that trains me every day. I have a great father and family who support me in my career, so really Im rich in all those things.

Im in the best sport in the world where Im an individual. Im not in any group or on a team where if I get tired they send me out, or if we lose I can blame somebody else. Im in the most beautiful sport in the world because its just myself and someone else. I couldnt ask more of life. Now its just a matter of training hard, really staying motivated, and looking for that success that everybody looks for in life.

With that attitude, I look for great things from Alfonso. Hes a good guy, and good guys should finish first sometimes! I want to thank him for his time and wish him good luck in his fight against Calvin Green.

Be safe and God Bless,
Viva La Raza,


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