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  Ortiz Stuns Berto With Unanimous Decision
In Fight That Saw Both Down Twice

Photos: "Sugar" Ray Bailey


Victor Ortiz (now 29-2-2, 22 KO's) captured the WBC Welterweight Title in an upset over previously unbeaten Andre Berto. This was Ortiz's first fight up at welterweight and he passed with flying colors. The fight did show some big fireworks for the first half, but whimpered away for the second half as Berto buckled under the heavy pressure.

In round 1, a big right hand from Ortiz sent Berto down for the first time in the fight, and half the audience out of their seats in shock. Berto did not look good as staggered to the corner after the round.

In round 2, Berto landed a counter right of his own that sent Ortiz staggering with his glove touching the canvas in result of a knockdown.

In round 3 and 4, Berto was strictly told to stay off the ropes and to use combinations. Berto didn't follow his corners instruction at all, nor through the rest of the fight, as he fought off the ropes, inviting Ortiz in each time.

In round 6, another big right hand from Berto landed flush on Ortiz's face, sending him down for the second time. Ortiz was on extremely wobbly legs, looking ready to go. With just nine seconds left in the round, a monster left hook from Ortiz in an exchange sent Berto down for the second time himself. Berto was slow getting to his feet. A definite candidate for round of the year.

For the rest of the fight, Berto showed very little desire to stand in the center of the ring and trade, nor use his boxing ability. He simply allowed Ortiz to take the fight from him as he laid on the ropes, often holding, only throwing a wild right hand to try to score a knockout. Berto did not show the strengths of a champion under the constant pressure, while Ortiz was constantly moving forward, always throwing.

A point was deducted from Ortiz in round 10 for hitting behind the head which was more so due to Berto bending over constantly and holding, unwilling to exchange.

Final scores were 115-110, 114-112 and 114-111.

Berto drops to 27-1 with 21 KO's.


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