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  Pascal vs. Hopkins Fight Week In Montreal Begins

By Daniel Cloutier

Monday kicked off an exciting week in Quebec. At the training session at the Corona Theater, Jean Pascal said,"Hopkins and I have said terrible things about each other so far and a lot of people are mad about this. They are considering that we have no class, but believe me, we dislike each other very much. I have a prepared much better for the rematch. I will be more energetic this time. In the first fight, December 18th in Québec City, I had a great beginning of fight, I floored Hopkins twice in the first rounds, but after the fourth round I was unable to ajust my strategy to put Hopkins in more trouble. I will be a lot better this time. I am extremely motivated to fight Hopkins a second time. In the first fight I had too much respect for him. I was impressed by him because I was watching him on TV when I was young and I was one of his fans. I don’t have any respect for him now. After December 18th fight he spit on me and spit on the population of Québec, I will never forgive him for that. I want to make him pay for his lack of class and respect."

Marc Ramsay, Pascal’s trainer, said, " I really think that Hopkins is very agitated, a sign showing that he is very nervous. He never stopped attacking Jean verbally and now he is spitting of Donovan McNabb, the former quaterback of the Eagles who is a hero in Philadelphia. There are people who believe that Hopkins is in Pascal's head, that he won the psychological war, but nobody will persuade me of that. Pascal is calm and confident. Hopkins said in Philadelphia he will stop Pascal before the 12th round, but trust me, he is mixing reality and fiction."

Today, Diaconu and Dawson also trained in public. Diaconu, who is not a talker, just said,"I have perfect preparation, I have waited four years to fight Dawson, and I know I will win. I don’t know if it is the most important fight of my career, but it is certainly one of the most important ones."

Pierre Bouchard, Diaconu’s trainer said, "Emmanuel Steward said that we will see a new Chad Dawson, more intense, more agressive, more hungry, but I doubt this. I think that Adrian will chase Dawson from the beginning to the end, and Dawson, with his long arms, long reach, long legs, will move constantly and work strictly in counter-attacks. We will see if Dawson can handle 12 rounds of pressure that Adrian will put on him."

I told him, "In the Las Vegas sports book, Dawson is favorite by 4 to 1." Bouchard replied,"Normal. Dawson is a very big name in U.S.A., not Adrian, and Dawson won six world championship fights in seven tries. However, when the fight starts the bookies prediction will mean nothing. The game will be played between two men, Adrian and Dawson. The most courageous fighter, the most hungry fighter, will win at the end."

Tomorrow, we will have the final press conference with Pascal and Hopkins and on Thursday, we will have the final press conference with Diaconu and Dawson.


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