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  Pascal & Hopkins Final Press Conference

By Daniel Cloutier

The final press conference for Jean Pascal & Bernard Hopkins was held at Radio-Énergie. Richard Schaefer, Yvon Michel and Marc Ramsay said good things, but Bernard Hopkins and Pascal said a total of 20 words!

Invited to go the microphone, Hopkins said, "Have fun Saturday night."

Pascal on his turn said, "Only three days to go for the rematch, great!"

Jean Pascal and Bernard Hopkins never stopped to insult each other for the last three months, and now, they have nothing to say to each other!

Yvon Michel said, "Golden Boy Promotions and ourselves will offer Saturday night to the boxing fans the most prestigious boxing show presented in Montréal in 31 years. The last time we had a boxing event of this magnitude in Montréal it was June 20th 1980. That evening, I bought a ticket to sit in the last level of the Olympic Stadium to see Sugar Ray Leonard fight Roberto Duran for the WBC welterweight championship of the world. Saturday, Pascal will fight a living legend, one of the greatest fighters in the history of boxing, and just before that, two former WBC light heavyweight champions of the world, Adrian Diaconu and Chad Dawson, will fight to determinate who will fight the winner of Pascal-Hopkins rematch."

Richard Schaefer said, "Hopkins is a real phenom'. He is 46 years old, and he still one of the best fighters "pound for pound" in the world. I am 50 years old, and when I am walking two blocks in Los Angeles I am out of breath! Bernard is one of the most marvelous athletes on the planet. He is not afraid of anybody and he always went to the limit of his challenges and ambitions. We wanted to present the Pascal-Hopkins rematch at Staples Center in Los Angeles but Bernard said, "No way. I want to fight Pascal in his own backyard and beat him and humiliate him in front of his fans." Bernard won 20 world championship fights and the count will still goes up. His desire is to become the first boxer to win a world title at 46 years old. Watch him Saturday night when the fight will really start."

Marc Ramsay, Pascal’s trainer looked Hopkins directly in the eyes, and said, "Bernard, I have trained Jean for 15 years and I never saw him so motivated just a few days before a fight. And I can tell you that you have contributed to increase Jean’s motivation on March 29th in New York, when you made the threats to kill him in this rematch. Bernard, Jean will make you pay for this Saturday night."


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