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  Pascal Tells Canadian Press,
“Hopkins Should Remember I Floored Him Twice”

By Daniel Cloutier

Jean Pascal, Marc Ramsay and Yvon Michel met with the media Friday morning in the GYM promotional office. Yvon confirmed that Pascal signed a contract to fight Bernard Hopkins May 21st.

“The rumors around the fact that my relations with the GYM group were bad, were false”, said Pascal. “I am with GYM and I will be with this group for long time. The negotiations with GYM for the rematch with Hopkins were intense and honest. I am very satisfied with the results. I don’t want to talk or hear about contract anymore. I am going in Jacksonville to start serious preparation. I will work for four weeks with Luke Richardson, the physical trainer of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars players, and I will be in Colombia after for an another month or so.”

When asked what kind of Bernard Hopkins do you think you will face May 21st, Pascal said, “A Bernard Hopkins who does not want to go on the floor... I guess. I floored him twice December 18th, and I am sure that he his remembering it. I don’t know what strategy Hopkins has in mind, and I don’t care. The only thing that I can control, it is my own strategy. I really think that I won December 18th, and I want to win the rematch more clearly, to chase the doubts in certain boxing fans minds, who picked Hopkins as winner, or accept the draw as result.”

Marc Ramsay said, “Jean was not physically tired in the last six rounds, December 18th, it was a mental fatigue, because he was frustrated with having more and more problems to hit Hopkins. It will be different May 21st. Jean will work extremely hard to be in shape, and I will take care of his mental preparation and the strategy to avoid frustration and distraction, because Hopkins is doing this and that during the fight. Jean will be in perfect control of the situation May 21st, and clearly win the fight.”

Yvon Michel said, “Jean is right, our relations with him are in perfect shape. Jean loves to be with us, and will be for many fights to go. Golden Boy Promotions required getting Pascal’s contract signed by February 26th, and we have respected this condition. We should know very soon were will be this rematch. We really believe that Pepsi Colisée in Québec City still the perfect place to get the biggest attendance.”


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