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  “Path To Glory” Fight Results

By Ray Flores

7th Bout Featherweights 10 Rounds
Juan Carlos Burgos vs. Gilberto Sanchez Leon

Burgos and Leon both proud and valiant Mexican pugilist’s one from Tijuana and the other from Mexicali will prove to be a spectacular main event. Burgos with a record of 26-1, 19KO’s is a tenacious warrior. “Mini” is a good name for him which proves that dynamite comes in small packages. His opponent Leon (Spanish for lion) with a record of 29-10-2, 11KO’s is one of Mexicali’s proudest sons and is as tenacious as his name. Both fighters took their time feeling one another out and throwing punches intended to feel out the others defenses but for the most part was very uneventful.

The momentum picked up in the second round with Leon throwing very effective body shots and working his way up to the head of Burgos. Burgos not to be out done countered back with his own flurry of punches to the body and head with very effective straight rights and lefts. As the bell sounded for the third stanza Leon picked up the pace as Burgos answered the challenge. Burgos landed a very effective right hook to the head that seem to stun Leon and then followed up with a left to the body. Leon fired back with left and rights but not quite finding the target. He continued to try and take the initiative at this point in the fight.

In the 4th Burgos landed another right hook that landed well and again appeared to have stunned Leon. Both fighters are excellent counter punchers with neither one really giving an inch. Referee Ray Corona gave both fighters a warning perhaps for not breaking when called to break. At the time of the fifth round the fight seems to be on an equal footing. Burgos was cautioned for a low blow and Leon was allowed time to recover. Near the end of the 5th Leon was cautioned about punching behind the head. At the beginning of the next round it appears that Burgos is somewhat sluggish, not quite as polished as in previous fights. Both fighters trade blow for blow working from top to bottom, and vice versa.

With the start of the seventh Leon comes out very aggressive as if really trying to dominate the fight. Burgos appears very lack luster and seems a bit timid at times. Sitting in the corner Burgos looks somewhat frustrated with his performance. Leon continues to put on the pressure throwing combinations with some effectiveness. The ninth round action still finds Burgos making a lack luster performance allowing Leon to dominate the round. Leon backs Burgos into a corner and starts hammering away. He spins out of the corner only to be cornered on the ropes and back into Leon’s corner at the sound of the bell.

Round ten, Burgos finally is picking up the pace perhaps sensing he could lose this fight. Leon continues to do his best to make sure he does. Burgos stays on the ropes and accepts more punishment. Leon attempts to pour it on while Burgos seems content with taking blows to the head and body. Neither fighter appears that great. The judges score 98-92 Marty Denkin, Judge James Jin Kin 100-90, and Judge Gwen Adair scores it 97-93 for the winner Juan Carlos Burgos.

6th Bout Featherweights 8 Rounds
Abraham Lopez vs. Olvin Mejia

From the “Streets of Laredo” comes another Texas gunslinger in the semi-main event. Mejia with a record of 4-3-3, 4 KO’s faces the local favorite Lopez with an undefeated record of 14-0, 10 KO’s and suffers a first round knockdown. As he arises he suffers a hail of gunfire from Abraham Lopez as the referee Raul Caiz Jr stops the fight at 1 minute 46 seconds of the first round.

5th Bout Jr. Welterweights 6 Rounds
Jhon Ortega vs .Jon David Charles

“Lone Star Night in Ontario”, another Texan enters the square arena to meet his opponent from Columbia Jhon Ortega. McAllen, Texas own David Charles needs to saddle up and do it quickly. Ortega cuts off the ring and continues to menace his opponent. Charles tries to bob and weaving to stay out of harm’s way all the while landing a few effective punches. With the sound of the second round bell, Ortega is stalking Charles who is continually backing up giving ground to the onslaught. Charles is rocked by a right and left hook which throws him onto the ropes. Charles is hit by rights and lefts and momentarily turns his back on Ortega. A bad move! As he turns to confront his opponent, he again is nailed with rights and lefts as the bell sounds. Referee Ray corona, warns Ortega about hitting behind the head in the first few moments of the third stanza. Ortega at this point is dominating the fight hitting Charles at will. Charles appears game but has some reservations he survives the third. In the next stage of this fight Ortega nails Charles with a devastating punch that staggers Charles and follows up with a another series of punches that puts the man from Texas huddled in the corner when the referee stops the fight as Charles is not defending himself or fighting back. Ortega scores a 4th round victory at 1min 14 seconds.

4th Bout Super Bantamweights 6 Rounds
Jonathan Arellano vs. Felipe Cordova

The crowd is primed and ready for the fourth bout of the evening when the Texan, Cordova enters the ring with a determined look. Then enters Jonathan Arellano and the crowd yells in support of the local fighter from Ontario, the bell sounds and the match is underway. The Texan suffers a first round knockdown from a left hook. Arellano standing in front of Cordova continues to punch , duck and weave. Cordova, in the next 3 minute duel cutting off the ring throwing lefts and rights. Arellano stands his ground and lands an effective upper cut which backs up Cordova. With a sudden left hook Arellano staggers the man from Texas and continues to pummel him with left and rights when referee Raul Caiz Jr steps in and stops the fight in the second round at 2 minutes 6 seconds. Arellano scores his 9th win and second TKO.

3rd Bout Super Flyweights 4 Rounds
Daniel Roman vs. Takashi Okada

A pretty evenly matched contest both fighters open the first round with straight jabs and with consistent bobbing and weaving and testing each other’s defense. Takashi appears to have the quicker hands but Roman is appears to have the better counter punching skills. Takashi suffers a cut to the left brow in the second round from what appears to be an accidental head butt. Both fighters continue to fire back again bobbing and weaving. Takashi. Is pressing the fight in the third go round and suffers another cut but this time to right brow from a Roman left hook. Roman also is bleeding from his right brow from a left hook thrown by Takashi. Takashi appears at this point to be dominating the fight and is applying more and more pressure on Roman. Roman is staying on the ropes and Takashi’s punches are clearly finding their target. Roman fires back, but appears to be tiring. The round ends with Takashi firing severe blows to the head and body of Roman the match is in question. Judge Marty Denkin scores the fight 40-36 for Takashi, Judge Gwen scores it 39-37 Roman, Judge James Jen Kin scored it 40-36 in favor of Takashi. Takashi scores a split decision victory.

2nd Bout Welter weights 4 Rounds
Javier Albonica vs. Rigoberto Flores

A Pro Debut for both fighters came out swing from all points north, south, east and west Flores scores a first round knockdown by landing two devastating right hooks to the head. Despite the knockdown Albonica returns to his feet ready for more and thunders back with left and right hooks landing all he through. Flores fighting like a tiger fires back landing several effective punches. As the first round ends blood is visibly flowing from Flores’s nose. In the second stage of this four rounder Flores is starting to take some punishing shots to the head but falls back only to fire his own fulsade of devastating left and right hooks to the head of Albonica. Both fighters are now starting to show some fatigue. In the third stanza of this trial by fire Flores is showing real heart he fires back relentlessly but most of his punches are landing on his opponents gloves. Albonica shoots back with some hellacious left and rights to the rib cage which causes Flores to back up and rethink his strategy. Flores unleashes vicious straight rights and lefts through the gloves of the enemy with real effect. In the fourth and final round both fighters have found their second wind and meet in the center of the ring throwing blows that would make a mother weep. There will only be one winner and in 1Minute 34 seconds the smoke clears the crowd is screaming at the top of their lungs when referee Raul Caiz Jr stops the fight for the safety of the fighter and Albonica emerges the victor.

1stBout Lightweights 6 Rounds
Darley Perez vs. Baudel Cardenas

Perez opens the first round with a left jab. With a thundering straight right to the rib cage Perez decks Cardenas leaving him wreathing in pain and fails to beat the count. Perez scores a TKO in 1 minute 8 seconds of the first round.


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