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  Peterson Derails Khan With
Hard Fought Majority Decision

Lamont Peterson (now 29-1-1, 14 KO's) won the WBA Super World, and IBF Light Welterweight Titles from Amir Khan through twelve hard fought rounds that may demand an immediate rematch. Khan started fast, and even looked to end the show, but the middle rounds belonged to Peterson who blasted away with big punches that sent Khan into panic mode that consisted of running, holding and two points being deducted.

In round 1, Khan jumped on Peterson to try and set the tempo. Peterson would trip on referee Joe Cooper's feet in which was rightfully ruled a slip. Peterson would later land a big left hook on the chin of Khan who then pushed Peterson down, this time the referee wrongly ruled a knockdown.

In rounds 3 and 4, Peterson had his biggest opening moments, staggering Khan around the ring with big right hands and left hooks, then setting up the uppercut which would snap Khan's head far back from his guard.

In round 6 & 7, Khan had been told numerous times by the referee, "Stop pushing, Khan; Get off his head, Khan; Let go Khan", over and over, and it would even progress through the rest of the fight. After so many pushes, the referee decided to take a point from Khan at the end of round 7 and rightly so, enough was enough.

In round 8, Khan was getting battered with his back against the ropes again. Khan felt the need to do more showboating to the crowd, shaking his head as if he wasn't hurt, even opening his mouth to Peterson, rather than focusing on how he might be in trouble.

In the 12th and final round, Khan did a good job at keeping away while throwing more punches than Peterson, however Khan could just not follow the rules and had been told not to push which he was deducted another point for again. Khan was using those tactics all night and the two points deducted were rightly justified, especially considering one knockdown scored for Khan was legitimately a push down.

Final scores were 113-112 for Peterson, 114-111 for Khan and 113-112 for Peterson. Khan falls to 26-2 with 18 KO's.


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