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  Quebec City Off TV Full Report

By Jeff Emond Jeffrey

Saturday November 5, 2011. Interbox presented Lucian Bute versus Glen Johnson from Quebec City, Canada on Showtime PPV. Along the main-event, 6 thrilling bouts featured Pier Olivier Coté, Steve Molitor, Sebastien Gauthier, Sebastien Demers, Kevin Bizier among others were shown to an anxious crown of the Pepsi coliseum. This event marks the return of Lucian Bute in Quebec City since his second fight with Librado Andrade.

Steve Molitor versus Sebastien Gauthier

In a ten round war, in the super bantamweight division, former two times IBF super bantamweight champion Steve Molitor ( 33-2-0, 12 ko’s ) of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada did battle against a ferocious Sebastien Gauthier ( 21-2-0, 13 ko’s ) of Saint-Jerome, Quebec, Canada, a former WBO Inter-Continental champion. On this night, Gauthier knew he would face his biggest challenge of his career. Indeed, Molitor owns victories over Scotty Olsen, Michael Hunter, Takalani Ndlovu ( twice ), Fahsan 3K Battery and Jason Booth to name a few.

This warfare was without a doubt the most exciting fight of the evening. Every boxing fans inside the building went wild from the the start to the finish of the conflict. Right at the oppening bell, Gauthier jump on Molitor like a wolverine and manage to open a serious cut over the left eye by a wild overhand right.

In the second round. The Canadian Kid adjusted to Gauthier’s fury by landing a rapid and precise right and left at close range. However, Gauthier goes back at being the aggressor and unleash bad intentions combinations on Molitor.

In the third round. Gauthier is relentless as he pressure the former two champions on the ropes by hitting him with three big right hands. Molitor seem surprise by Gauthier’s assaults. Near the end of the round, Molitor fires two swift combos on his opponent. More precise short left hands opened up a cut over Gauthier’s right eye, as the trades heavy blows in the center of the ring.

In the middle rounds. At this time of the fight, both fighters have blood on their face. Molitor’s white trunks are red all over. This is truly a war, Gauthier is on constant attack mode and hurt his foe with left and right hooks on the inside. While The Canadian Kid demonstrate his effective counter punching ability. Most of the time, Molitor has to fight with his back on the ropes.

In rounds number eight and nine, Molitor caught Gauthier with a brutal left, but his aggressive opponent takes it well. Gauthier soon answer the call by landing violent overhand rights on the side of Molitor’s head that shakes the legs of the former champ for a moment. The Canadian Kid his back on the jab and straight left to keep away his adversary. Seconds away from the end of the ninth round, Molitor’s knees buckles again by a sizzling left hook.

Tenth and final round. A visibly tired Gauthier is caught by three hard straight left by Molitor. Nevertheless, Gauthier gather any once of energy he has left and bring his adversary on the neutral corner with a solid right hand. Good exchanges between the two fighters at the end of the fight.

Before the decision could be heard, a seemingly disappointed Molitor goes back to his corner, while Gauthier has his arms up in sign of victory. Judges Nicolas Esnault gave a score of 96-94 for Molitor, Jean Gauthier 96-94 for Gauthier and Claude Paquette 96-94 for Molitor. The winner by split decision, The Canadian Kid, Steve Molitor. The crowd was shocked by the controversial result of the fight. Most of the people thought that Sebastien Gauthier had the better control of the fight.

Sebastien Demers versus Allan Green

In a ten round light heavyweight division bout, former middleweight challenger, Sebastien ’’Double Trouble’’ Demers ( 31-4-0, 11 ko’s ) of Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada versus Allan Green ( 30-3-0, 21 ko’s ) a former super middleweight title challenger from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

After two consecutives knockout defeats, Demers was looking to redeem himself with a good showing. Nicknamed ‘’Ghost Dog’’ Green finds himself in the same situation with a one-sided defeat at the hand of Andre Ward and another one by knockout facing Glen Johnson in the super six tournament.

Neglected by boxing experts, Demers enter the ring with his new team, trainer Howard Grant and former WBO middleweight champion Otis Grant. This change would be an important factor in this fight. Green came in Quebec City over the weight limit as the fight was supposed to take place in the super middleweight division.

Nevertheless, Demers was ready and aggressive for this fight. Double trouble would even shake Green with powerful right hooks on the inside of Green’s defence in the seven and hurt Ghost Dog in the eight round. On the other hand, Green landed vicious combinations of right and left hooks and stunned Demers on some occasions, early and near the end of the fight, but a valiant Demers refused to go down.

Many boxing fans accused Demers to have a weak chin. But on this night, he prove to everyone that he can take punishments and giving some in return. A very courageous effort Demers, but not enough to secure a win. Judge Jean Gauthier gave a score of 100-90, Claude Paquette 98-92 and Jack Woodburn 97-93 all in favor of Allan Green who wins by unanimous decision.

Rances Barthelemy versus Alejandro Barrera

In the lightweight division, Rance Barthelemy ( 13-0-0, 10 ko’s ) a native of Arroyo Naranjo, Cuba, but now fighting from Miami, Florida, USA did battle with Alejandro Barrera ( 21-9-0, 14 ko’s ) Mexico City, Mexico.

The Cuban sensational power could be felt in the building that night. Indeed, midway throught round number one, Berthelemy dropped Barrera with a huge left. The Mexican received an eight count by referee Alain Villeneuve and continues to go forward on the Cuban pugilist. It came with a price, Berthelemy knocked down Barrera for a second time, at the same time of the bell.

Berthelemy show his power and quickness to the people of Quebec City by dropping Barrera with a series of rapids right, left and another right hook. This time, the veteran Mexican would not get up and Rances Berthelemy would win by knockout early in the second round. The power punching Cuban improves his record to 14 victories, eleven of those by knockouts and remains undefeated.

Kevin Bizier versus Christian Bladt

In the light middleweight division, Hometown favorite Kevin Bizier ( 15-0-0, 11 ko’s ) from Saint-Emile, Quebec, Canada faced former European welterweight champion, Christian Bladt ( 38-12-2, 12 ko’s ) of Hinnerup, Denmark. Bladt possesses 37 more pro-fights than Bizier and holds victories over Willy Wise and Alessandro Duran.

Under the guidance of trainer Marc Ramsay, Bizier demonstrated accuracy and power with his lethal left hook. Stimulated by the crowd support, Bizier forced Bladt to go into defence mode with constant pressure.

Early in the third and final round, Bizier destroyed the Danish fighter with his trademark left hook right on the button. Bladt could not rise from this fatal blow and Kevin Bizier stay undefeated and earns another impressive win by knockout, his sixth in a row and it also mark victory number 16 for this rising star.

Schiller Hyppolite versus Dale Golden

In the light heavyweight division, Schiller Hyppolite ( 1-0-0 ) from Montreal, Quebec, Canada against Dale Golden ( 1-0-0, 1 ko’s ) of St-Nicolas, Quebec, Canada. Two undefeated young fighter with mean intentions.

Hyppolite didn’t waste any time on destroying Golden in the first round. A series of left hooks took down Golden for a first time as another lethal left dropped him on the canvas for good. Winner by knockout victory at 2:28 seconds, Schiller Hyppolite.


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