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  Gabriel Rosado Defeats Jamaal Davis With Twelfth Round TKO For Interim NABA Junior Middleweight Title, and Undercard Results from Bally’s Atlantic City

By Tim Donaldson
Photos: "Sugar" Ray Bailey


Saturday night, Gabriel Rosado and Jamaal Davis thrilled the crowd in the Grand Ballroom at Bally’s Atlantic City. Rosado and Davis, both from Philadelphia, lived up to the reputation that Philadelphia fighters have long been known for. Neither backed down, and both proved they were there to win. In the end, Rosado proved to be victorious, but Davis made sure that Rosado earned that title.

In fact, the fight was going in Davis’ favor for the first several rounds. Davis was the more active fighter in the first round. He was effectively using his jab in the first, helping him to establish dominance. Rosado had a brief flurry in the round. He looked as though he were looking for a quick knockout, which didn’t come. Davis just kept using his jab and moving in and out, not giving Rosado much chance to land. Davis kept this up in the second round. He waited for opportunities, placed his punches where he could get through, and kept moving. Rosado was throwing and landing, but Davis was effectively countering in this round. Davis kept this up into the third round. However, Rosado was having more success landing his jab. Then, in what was the beginning of the shift in the fight, Rosado landed a hard right to the chin of Davis. The round ended with the two battling back and forth.

The fourth round started just as the third ended. Rosado and Davis were still fighting a back and forth battle, both trying to establish dominance in the fight. Rosado was now starting to control the pace of the fight. He was doubling up his jab, attempting to keep Davis from getting in and landing his. But this did not deter Davis. By the end of the round, Davis was right in there slugging it out with Rosado. Referee Allan Huggins had to break the two apart at the bell. Davis was keeping more distance in the fifth. Then he stepped into a right hand from Rosado. Rosado chased Davis to the ropes and unleashed a flurry of punches on him. The two were fighting in close, neither controlling the action. It was a Philly brawl in the ring.

The sixth round was slower than any of the five before. But Rosado managed to stagger Davis. Davis came right back with a combination. Round seven was another back and forth round. Davis seemed more in control at the beginning of the round. He landed a combination to the Rosado’s body early. He was doubling his jab up. He then caught Rosado on the ropes. It looked as though it could be a round for Davis, but all seemed to change when Huggins broke them apart at the ropes. Rosado came right back. Rosado was able to land several rights at the bell.

By the eighth round, Davis was taking punishment whenever he came in. Rosado controlled most of the round, and Davis was looking tired. In the ninth, Rosado was going to the body of Davis. He caught Davis on the ropes and landed a combination, and then landed a low blow. Davis was given some time to rest, but it was not enough to really change the direction of the round. Rosado landed a hard right to the chin of Davis. Davis, looking as though he should go down, was able to come right back with a left.

Round ten started with a brawl in the center of the ring. Rosado landed a combination to the head of Davis. Davis returned with a combination. Rosado staggered back. Rosado threw a few weak punches at this point, which Davis easily countered. The round was back and forth between the two. But Rosado took control of the eleventh round. Although it started with a brawl, Rosado was landing his punches whenever Davis came forward. Davis’ nose was bleeding. Rosado was setting up his right with his jab. By the end of the round, Rosado was chasing Davis down.

By the twelfth round, it still seemed like it could be anyone’s fight. Davis rocked Rosado with a hard right to the head. But Rosado was able to catch Davis in the corner and keep him there. He unleashed a flurry of punches. Davis had no where to go, and he was in trouble. Referee Huggins jumped in, stopping the action at 1:01 in the twelfth. Even if he had not, it appeared that Davis was on his way down. What Rosado did not know was that he was ahead on all of the judges’ scorecards, but he guaranteed himself the victory anyway.

In the co-feature, Junior Welterweight Ronald Cruz won by TKO against Dillet Frederick. Cruz was in control of the fight from the first round. Although Frederick was having some success with his jab, Cruz was picking his shots and landed several to Frederick’s body. At the beginning of the second round, Frederick was keeping Cruz out. But Cruz quickly turned the direction of the fight to his favor. He once again was landing hard body shots and was sneaking his right hook around the upraised hands on Frederick. It was all over by the third. Frederick was trying to keep the pressure on Cruz. Cruz was throwing his upper cut. Cruz staggered Frederick. He did not jump into finish him off right away, but seeing that he was hurt, he went right back to work. The fight was stopped at 2:00 in the third.

The undercard results are as follows:

Featherweight Paul Fernandez won by TKO over Tommy Garcia in a third round stoppage.

Junior Lightweight Tyrone Luckey won by TKO over Gustavo Dailey. Luckey controlled the fight from round one. The fight was stopped at 1:20 in the fourth round.

Junior Welterweight Julio DeJesus won by unanimous decision over Hector Collado. It was a back and forth brawl. Both were throwing wild punches, looking for that elusive knockout. Collado went down in the first three rounds.

Heavyweight Bryant Jennings won by unanimous decision over Theron Johnson.

The night ended with local Atlantic City fighter DeCarlo Perez, Junior Welterweight, winning by majority decision over Dontre King.


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