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  Montreal Post Fight Report

By Daniel Cloutier

Dateline Montreal: David Lemieux will go an hospital today or tomorrow, to check if he has a broken jaw. His jaw is terribly swollen and the hearts of Canadian boxing fans are terribly broken.

After his seventh round TKO loss Lemieux said, "I am extremely frustrated because I was expecting to win & gave a better performance to my fans. I gave my best punches to Rubio in the first five rounds, I was sure he would go down, but he took everything. He was like a nuclear plant! I lost a lot of energy in these first five rounds then my trainer, Russ Anber, told me to move and jab, but at this game, Rubio was better than me tonight. I was mad when Russ asked to the referee to stop the fight, but he his the trainer, and I am sure he made the decision that made the most sense for him at that moment. I am sure that I will learn a lot from the experience."

Bernard Barré, the scout for the GYM group, and the analyst for boxing when CBC televise the Olympics, said, "It was obvious that David went in the ring to stop Rubio in the first three, four or five rounds, but he did not have a Plan B. Rubio knew it, Rubio was brilliant. He was suffering in the first five rounds, but he was patient, never he was panicking and he won a tactical fight. Rubio was smart enough to know that it was impossible for Lemieux to maintain his powerful attacks for 12 rounds. It was not human to believe that Lemieux could waste so much energy round after round. Rubio knew that Lemieux would slow down sooner or later. Rubio, after the second or the third round, mentioned in his corner: "My chance to win is to force Lemieux to go far in the fight." Rubio won a tactical fight like Buster Douglas did against Mike Tyson in Japan in 1990, & like Ivan Robinson did twice against Arturo Gatti in 1998. It is a good lesson for Lemieux, who went in the ring with 55 rounds of experience, against 239 for Rubio. David had only one long fight (10 rounds against Jason Naugler), but Rubio has been involved in one world championship fight, seven WBC international championship fights, seven Latino's WBC or WBA championship fights, and seven Mexican championship fights."

Yvon Michel said, "David is terribly frustrated, but he has a lot of guts and determination. He will learn from that this difficult experience. Rubio is on the line to get a WBC world championship tonight, and this guy lost by TKO against Kelly Pavlik in 2009, and lost in 33 seconds against Kofi Jantuah in 2004. Rubio learned from this terrible experiences, and Lemieux will do the same thing. David will take the time to heal his jaw, which might be broken, he will analyze his fight, see his errors, and learn from it."

Russ Anber said, "David was very hungry... too hungry. Why waste so much energy in each round? Why try to win each round by 10-7? David knew that Rubio had experience, and would try everything possible to go far in the fight. If David is mad because I asked to Marlon B. Wright to stop the fight in the seventh round, he can blame me, but I did the best thing in that circumstance. It was not going fine for David in the round number six, then when he went on the canvas in the seventh I was ready to throw the towel. I did it 15 or 20 seconds after. I still believe I made the best decision in this difficult situation. The health of my boxer was by far the most important factor in this situation."

Rubio said, "My strategy was perfect. I was very careful in the first three rounds, because I knew that Lemieux would try to knock me out. And he would knock me out if I would tried to exchange punch for punch with him. He is a very powerful puncher. I knew that my experience and my patience would make the difference in that bout. But Lemieux will learn from this experience. I lost fights, and learned from them."


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