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  The Return Of Superman:
Interview With Adonis Stevenson

By Jeff Emond Jeffrey

Jeff Emond Jeffrey: Good morning Superman! Welcome back to Montreal!

Adonis Stevenson: Happy to be here again, thank you! GYM Promotion is my family!

JEJ: What made you want to become a prizefighter?

AS: When I was younger, I was already a street fighter. I had a lot of fights there. Then I decided to give it a try in a boxing gym. And so it went on. In my amateur career, I became Quebecís middleweight champion in 2004 and Canadianís middleweight champion in 2005 and 2006. I also am very proud to have won a silver medal in the Commonwealth game in Australia in 2006 and in the same year I was a pro-fighter!

JEJ: What was your amateur record?

AS: If I recall correctly, 50 victories and only 4 defeats

JEJ: Last year you fought under the promotion of Lou DiBella. It was you first and only fight under his management team too and it end up with an humiliating defeat at the hands of Darnell Boone. It was not the Superman boxing fans were use to see. What happened?

AS: Your are right! Iím way better than that and I will prove it against The Black Lion, Derek Edwards, a much stronger opponent than Boone.

I was poorly managed back in the states. They did not really care about what was best for me. We moved around a lot, from hotel rooms to another and did not take time enough to train properly. So it was unstable for me and I didnít like that at all. Thatís why I came back to GYM, my family. They give me stability and Iím well managed. Plus they gave me a good fight for Friday night at the Bell center.

JEJ: You were trained by John David Jackson, former 2 times light middleweight champion
( WBA and WBO ). Any problems with him?

AS: Jackson is a very good trainer, itís not his fault. What happened in the States was because of instability created by my management team, not my trainer. But after the defeat I wanted to go back with GYM.

JEJ: Your are nicknamed Superman, with your 7 first round KOís in 10 fights itís not surprising. How did tour nickname come about?

AS: When I was fighting in amateur against Fred McGuwen in Saint-Catherine, Ontario. He was hitting me a lot and I didnít feel any of his shots, but when I hit him, he went down shortly after. Just like Superman!

JEJ: Your next opponent is the Black Lion, Derek Edwards. What do you know about him?

AS: He only has one defeat and 25 victories! He has a good reputation, works a lot in counter punching and heís very quick too! Still, I wanna show him my power, Iím seeking a knockout for sure!

JEJ: Boxing fans in Montreal are expecting a spectacular performance in your comeback fight, How do you feel about that?

AS: I feel good and they wonít be disappointed

JEJ: Thank you for your time Adonis.

AS: With pleasure, I will knock out Edwards!!


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