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  Stunning Upset In Montreal;
KO Artist Lemieux Gets KO’d By Rubio

By Jeff Emond Jeffrey

GYM promotion held their biggest main event since Pascal-Hopkins I from the Bell Center, Montreal, Canada. Undefeated David Lemieux (25-0-0, 24 KO) of Laval, Quebec faced an always dangerous Marco Antonio Rubio (49-5-1, 43 KO) Torreon, Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico, and the winner will face WBC champion Sebastian Zbik. 4,650 boxing fans came to support their hometown hero in is biggest task of his young career. Entering this WBC middleweight eliminator Lemieux was ranked number 2 and Rubio number 3. According to local experts and newspapers, the Laval native was favorite to win this one with his 24 knockouts, which 21 came inside of 2 rounds. Let’s not Forget, Rubio hold victories over Fitz Vanderpool, Saul Roman, Samuel Miller, Enrique Ornelas, Frankie Randall to name a few.

As soon Lemieux came out of his dressing room, he received a standing ovation from the crowd. True to his reputation as a fast starter Lemieux came out of his corner and unleashed a hell storm of punches on Rubio, who barely made it out of round one.

During the second and third rounds of the fight, Lemieux applied the same strategy, trying to knockout Rubio with solids combinations to the head, hurting Rubio many times during the early part of the bout. However he could not take down the determined Mexican warrior.

During round four, Lemieux changed his strategy and he began to work on counterpunching Rubio on the inside. Midway through the round, Lemieux was on the attack again and brought Rubio to the ropes and punished him to the body and head, landing at the end of a combination his trademark left hook on Rubio’s head. So far, he was in control of the fight and the crowd went wild but Rubio showed his resilience and refused to fall.

During round five, the tide slowly began to change in Rubio’s favor. The Mexican strategy started to work for him. Indeed, Rubio survived the storm and was starting to land hard blows on the local favorite. The former middleweight title challenger was letting Lemieux punch himself out of the fight.

In the sixth round, Lemieux got strength from the cheers of the crowd and attacked Rubio with savage right and left hooks. At this time of the fight, Lemieux refused to lose his undefeated streak and held his lead in then fight. Even as he was tiring down, Lemieux ended the round with a powerful left hook on his opponent and has the crowd believing the end was near for Rubio

But it was not to be.

In round seven everything came crashing down for the young 22 year old fighter. Even with his tremendous punching power, he could not finish Rubio. The Mexican fighter took every attack Lemieux threw at him during this elimination bout. Now it was Rubio’s turn. He threw many straight right hands to the head of Lemieux, even breaking Lemiuex’s left cheek on the way. Visibly tired and hurt Lemieux went down for the first time of his career from a sizzling right hand by Rubio. He got up, but everyone (including Rubio) could see he was out of it and was on shaky legs. While being punished on the ropes by Rubio Lemieux’s trainer Russ Anber threw in the towel to save his fighter. The end came at 2 :36 seconds of the seventh round and would go for victory number 50 for Marco Antonio Rubio.

Marco Antonio Rubio took away the hometown crowd and David Lemieux’s undefeated streak as well. The question remains… Was this type of adversary too soon in Lemieux’s young career?


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