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  The "New" David Lemieux

By Daniel Cloutier

After a spectacular progression in a pro boxing, David Lemieux suffered his first loss last April at the Bell Center in Montréal. He lost by TKO in the seven rounds against the veteran Mexican boxer Marco Antonio Rubio in a WBC middleweight elimination bout. Lemieux was in fire during the first five rounds, April 8th, but he slowed down in the six, and was totally out of energy in the seventh. Rubio floored him seven, forcing Lemieux’s trainers to throw the towel.

"After this humiliation against Rubio, I knew that my preparation for this bout was questionable", said Lemieux." I have a new trainer for two months (Marc Ramsay instead Russ Anber), and I know now what I need to do to be successful on the international level. I am working harder then ever. December 10th, I will go in the ring with the best mental and physical preparation of my life. It will be a 12 rounds fight, and I would be not worry if the limit of the fight would be 20 rounds!"

Lemieux (25-1-0) will fight the Montrealer Joachim Alcine (32-2-1), a former WBA super welterweight champion of the world, in a WBC international middleweight championship.

"I watched few tapes of fights involving Alcine, I know perfectly what to expect," said Lemieux. "Joachim has experience, he is an intelligent fighter, I am taking him very seriously. But Alcine will have a big surprise if he thinks he knows me. He will discover the "New" David Lemieux. He will have to control a David Lemieux who is more energic than ever. In training, I pushed my efforts to the limit for two months. I am in hurry to see how Joachim will react when I connect with my power shots. April 8th, I just hit the ribs and the arms of Rubio, but Marco said to Mexican journalists that I broke the bone of his right arm. If Alcine wants to fight defensively, I will know how the react, and he wants to take chances, to attack, good, the crowd will have a very spectacular bout."


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