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  One On One With Arash Usmanee

By Jeff Emond Jeffrey

Jeff Emond Jeffrey: Good morning Arash ! Is it OK with you if we talk about your career?

Arash Usmanee : I would love too, no problem!

JEJ: Letís go back to the beginning. How did you start in boxing?

AU: When I was 9 or 10 years old, I was in a gym class in school and a guy came in with blood stains on his sparring shirts. I was intrigued, Where did he get that? In a fight sure, but where? So I asked him and he explained to me he was a boxer. It got my attention, and I heard the gym was pretty close to school. So this is where I started, I went on to win many amateurs fights and won a tournament in Red Deer, Alberta.

JEJ: You moved to Montreal, Quebec recently. Thereís a lot of boxing fans around here. What do you think about this city?

AU: I moved in June 2010. This is my new home and I love it. Boxing is very much alive in Montreal!

JEJ: Whoís your trainer for you fight against Aldo Valtierra ?

AU: Marc Ramsay trained me at first, but Daniel Trťpanier has taken over my career now

JEJ: What do you have to say about your next opponent?

AU: This is boxing! Itís a tough sport, nothing is easy. Valtierra has a lot of experiences. But the win should be ours.

JEJ: Did you plan a knockout victory?

AU: I always try to go for the knockout! I will fight on natural instinct and if it comes, good for me! I want to look flawless and show my skills, this is very important to me.

JEJ: After Friday nightís fight, your next bout will be against Alejandro Barrera on May 14 in Red Deer, Alberta. How do you feel about fighting in your hometown?

AU: Iíve been waiting for this for years! Even in my amateur days, I only fought once or twice in Red Deer. This is where I grew up and I started boxing. I canít wait! And it will be a bigger fight with Barrera, who is a pretty good fighter himself; it will be a huge step up for me. But Iíll remain focused for Valtierra.

JEJ: Thank you Arash for your time!

AU: My pleasure!


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