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  Harris Hasnít The Heart To Continue

Report & Photos By Roy & Marlene Marquez


Undefeated prospect Jessie Vargas and former world champion Vivian Harris headlined a six bout fight card at Buffalo Billís Star of the Desert Arena in Primm, Nevada. On hand to watch the main event were five current and former world champions including Oscar De La Hoya, Floyd Mayweather, Saul Alvarez, Fernando Vargas and Zab Judah.

Vargas earned a TKO following the first when Vivian Harris failed to answer the bell to start the second. Vargas (15-0) went right at Harris from the opening bell winging right hooks to the body. Harris (29-6-1) appeared content to cover up and make it through the first.

His plan almost didnít work when Vargas staggered Harris with a hook that sent the former champion stumbling into Vargas. By the time referee Joe Cortez separated the fighters the round had nearly come to an end. Between rounds Harrisí corner informed Cortez that Harris was unable to fight on. Harris earned a reported $15,000 to cover up for three minutes and then quit on his stool.

In the co-main event of the evening, junior middleweight Eddie Gomez defeated Roberto Lopez by scores of 60-53, 59-54 & 59-55 to win his fourth fight in four starts. Gomez (4-0) used his quickness to counter Lopez early in the contest, but it was a left hook, right hand combination that nearly put Lopez on his seat mid way through the second.

Once Lopez wobbled, Gomez loaded up on hooks and uppercuts. Lopez (4-2-2) survived the round on instinct and desire. Lopez enjoyed a better third round but did little to impress Gomez. Determined to work his way into the fight, Lopez pressed Gomez in the fourth. Lopez didnít land anything big but he outworked Gomez and got his attention. The pressure finally got to Gomez in the fifth.

Lopez worked his way into Gomez who resorted to holding to slow the charge. Gomez got a second wind in the sixth and increased his work rate to match the output by Lopez.

Bastie Samir was pushed to the brink by hard-nosed Lester Gonzalez who earned a split draw to end Samirís string of knock out victories at ten. Samir (10-0-1) and Gonzalez traded leather in the first with Gonzalez landing the best punch of the round. When the action heated up again in the second Samir lost all technique and got wide with his punches.

Gonzalez (11-3-2) took advantage and landed a flush left hand; the best punch of the round. For a 20 second stretch in the third the combatants stood toe to toe and rained bombs on each other. How both men stayed on their feet God only knows. Gonzalez took a breather in the fourth though once again he landed the best punch of the round. Samir outworked Gonzalez again in the fifth but rushed his punches and appeared desperate at times.

This time it was Samir who landed the best punch of the round. Both men worked hard to close the show in the sixth. Samir wobbled Gonzalez with a right but didnít come close to earning his 11th KO in 11 fights.

Alexander Flores defeated Quantrine Hill by unanimous decision to win their four round heavyweight contest. It was a fast paced first, for heavies, with plenty of action over the full three minutes. The pace remained hurried in the second with Flores walking Hill around the ring. Flores (4-0) landed a lead right hand with regularity though it had little effect on Hill.

Hill (4-2) stood his ground early in the third but gave way as the round progressed. Referee Joe Cortez took a spill and hit the deck but only bruised his ego. Hill pushed forward over the final round and fought well in close quarters. At the end both fighters raised their hands in triumph.

Paul Green defeated Kai Zama by split decision over four junior lightweight rounds. Green (2-1) landed several straight rights to the body and a sweeping hook upstairs in an otherwise cautious first. Zama (5-3) picked up the pace in the second only to absorb a few left hooks across the chops.

Zama pushed the pace again in a closely contested third. Green abandoned the right hand that helped him in the first and fought only in spurts. Zama outworked Green again in the fourth and had his best moments when he used his length to keep Green at distance.

Junior welterweights Tatina Anderson and Lissette Medel fought their hearts out in a four round majority decision draw. Medel (2-1-1) and Anderson charged each other to open the first. Anderson (3-1-1) pushed forward and flurried when she trapped Medel against the ropes.

Medel punched her way off the ropes firing combinations to the head and body. The action continued at a frenzied pace in the second. Anderson was in the middle of flurry when Medel landed a right that stopped Anderson in her tracks. Anderson got back on track in the third and took the fight to Medel. Medel did her best to answer by landing clean rights up the middle.

The fourth was a thing of beauty. Both fighters sat on their punches in a vicious round that had the crowd on their feet. The final scores were 39-37 Anderson and 38-38 twice.


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