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  Ward Wins Super Six Final By Completely
Outclassing Froch Through 12;
Froch Shows True Class In Defeat, More Should Take Note

Andre Ward (now 25-0, 13 KO's) not only won the Super Six Tournament Final, but unified the WBA/WBC Super Middleweight Titles with a one-sided, dominant performance over Carl Froch. Each round played out pretty much the same, with Ward using his ring intelligence to hit and not get hit, smothering Froch's punches when he could. Froch did help Ward by fighting Wards and not his own which made Froch look uneasy throughout the entire bout. Leading up to the fight Froch was as confident as can be, but when the bell sounded it was a completely different story. Froch was tense and slow and could not get a rhythm going whatsoever, missing most of his shots from far. Ward used that to his advantage, which he would later state, and simply picked Froch apart.

Final scores were a bit strange, two judges having it much closer at 115-113 and one seeing it right at 118-110 all for Ward. Froch falls to 28-2 with 20 KO's.

What was possibly more impressive than the entire fight itself was the post fight interviews. Ward spoke intelligently and didn't brag or gloat, just stating how exactly his strategy worked for him, but Froch's comments really showed how a fighter should take his losses. All the while we were waiting for the excuses to pour out, Froch's only excuses were those that Ward posed inside the ring, noting how "slick and slippery" Ward was, giving him all the credit for the victory. "I lost fair and square", said Froch. If only more fighters had that same mentality.


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