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  Garrett Wilson Knocks Out Chuck Mussachio
To Retain USBA Cruiserweight Title
& Undercard Results From Ballyís Atlantic City

By Tim Donaldson


Saturday night, while boxing fans around the United States and Mexico were focused on a less than competitive fight between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Peter Manfredo, a few thousand people gathered at Ballyís Atlantic City were treated to a real fight between Garrett Wilson and Chuck Mussachio. Now because it was not televised this fight will not be considered for Fight of the Year, and it wonít be discussed around the water cooler by most Americans. But these two fought with the heart of Juan Manuel Marquez in the ring with Manny Pacquiao.

When I first saw the match up, I was skeptical. After the first two rounds, I thought the fight was already decided. Garrett Wilson would be the easy winner. Chuck Mussachio came running out at the beginning of the fight only to be greeted by Wilson with a hard right to the body. Wilson then followed that up with a combination to the body. Wilson is not one to dance around the ring for twelve rounds, so he needed to tire Mussachio out fast. From that combination to the end of the round, Mussachio was slow to come in. The second round started with Mussachio coming out and throwing a combination. Then Mussachio would put at much distance between himself and Wilson as he could. But once again it looked destined to be a repeat of round one. Wilson staggered Mussachio and chased him into the corner, landing several body shots. The second time Mussachio found himself trapped in the corner he did what any fighter will do to stop the onslaught, he held. Wilson for his part just kept going to the body.

At the end of the second round, it seemed to be just a matter of time. How much punishment could Mussachio take? As the third round started, Wilson stuck to the game plan. However, there was a change. At first it was slight, but it could be detected in the eyes of Mussachio. He looked crazed. Mussachio was starting to change his game plan, adjusting to the constant beating of the body. Mussachio would jab, follow with his right, and then get out of there. It was working. Wilson was having trouble getting in and landing as long as Mussachio kept moving. Mussachio was beginning to feel confident, winding up his jab and throwing his right. Wilson had a brief moment at the end of the round, but Mussachio had taken that round. Mussachio stuck with the plan in the fourth and took that round from Wilson also.

At this point, it looked as though the momentum was in Mussachioís corner. Wilson started the fifth having trouble landing any of his shots. Mussachio landed a hard right to Wilson, giving Wilson a wake up call that he could lose this fight. This was all that Wilson needed because he came back landing to the body of Mussachio, and that fast Mussachio found himself in trouble. He was hurt. It was time to simply hold on and hope to survive. Mussachio survived the round, but it was Wilsonís round.

In the sixth round, Mussachio came out fighting much like he was in the third and fourth. He was moving, keeping distance between himself and Wilson. Wilson was quickly growing frustrated. Mussachio landed a combination to the head. Wilson came right back. Wilson now had the crazed look in his eyes. Mussachio just kept throwing his jab in the face of Wilson, then following it up with his right. By the seventh, Mussachio appeared comfortable in the ring again, winding up his jab as his fans cheered him on. He finished the round landing several hard rights to the head.

Surely, Wilsonís corner told him that he had to go back to the plan before the beginning of the eighth round. He started the round going to the body. Mussachio was trying to keep him back with his jab, but Wilson was throwing wild hooks, which were connecting. Wilson had taken the round. However, the ninth and tenth rounds would go back to Mussachio. Wilson was having trouble cutting of the ring. By the end of the tenth round, Wilson looked as though he were finished. Mussachio dominated the eleventh, even though it was clear that he too was tiring fast. Mussachio kept up the movement, only coming in to throw a combination. Wilson seemed to be looking for that one big shot to end the fight, but it did not come in the eleventh.

What was said in Wilsonís corner before the twelfth round might only be known by those in that corner, but it woke him up. Wilson came out throwing quick shots to the body of Mussachio. Wilson was chasing Mussachio around the ring when he caught him with a hard right to the chin. Mussachio went down into the ropes, tried to push himself up only to fall right back to the canvass. And just that fast, Wilson erased all those great rounds by Mussachio. After the fight, Wilson addressing his fans acknowledged the fact that he knew he needed to knock out Mussachio, adding ďhe out scored me every single round.Ē

In the co-feature, Welterweight Ronald Cruz won by TKO over Anges Adjaho. Cruz has become a local favorite and now has a record of 15-0, 12 KOs. Cruz looked confident as the fight began, landing combinations to the body of Adjaho. Adjaho seemed content of rely on his jab. In the second, Cruz was slipping his shots through the upraised hands of Adjaho. Then, almost out of nowhere, Adjaho landed a combination. Although Cruz did not appear hurt, he did appear surprised. Cruz began to fight cautiously. By the third, Adjaho was the more aggressive fighter, coming forward and cutting off the ring. But Adjahoís one mistake was that he kept letting Cruz off the ropes. Cruz in the fourth was fighting with his back to the ropes and staying closed up. Cruz barely threw a punch all round, allowing Adjaho to dominate the round. However, in the fifth round, Cruz was back. He came out attacking. Adjaho stood his ground, which may have been his undoing. After being hit by a hard left hook, Cruz came back and put Adjaho down on the canvass. Adjaho complained he was tripped, but he did go down directly after being hit. Maybe Cruz had something to prove, that he didnít need to trip anyone perhaps. He put Adjaho down again within seconds of the first knock down. As soon as the command was given to box again, Cruz came after Adjaho, chasing him into a corner while throwing combination after combination. Referee Earl Morton jumped between and put a halt to the fight in the fifth.

After a slow round in the first, Junior Welterweight Naim Nelson won his fight against Deroy Beaton. Although Beaton seemed to be the steady fighter, Nelsonís explosive style carried him to a unanimous decision on all three judges score cards.

Heavyweight Bryant Jennings won by TKO over Kevin Franklin. While Franklin looked in control of the first thirty seconds of the fight, Jennings quickly turned things around by knocking down Franklin. When given the command to box, Jennings attacked Franklin with all he had, catching him on the ropes and landing combination after combination until Franklinís corner threw in the towel.

Junior Welterweight Dontre King also won by unanimous decision over Julio DeJesus.

Welterweight DeCarlo Perez won a tough fight against Manuel Guzman by unanimous decision.

Atlantic City local Super Middleweight Antowyan Aikens won by unanimous decision against Charles Kirby.


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