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Alvarez KOs Kovalev To Become Light Heavy Champ

By Daniel Cloutier
Photos: Marlene Marquez


LAS VEGAS The Las Vegas bookies hit a home run in establishing favorite (4-1) the Mexican Saul Canelo Alvarez against the Russian Sergey Kovalev, Saturday evening in the ring of the MGM Arena in Las Vegas. WBA and WBC middleweight (160 pounds) champion of the world, Alvarez became WBO light heavyweight champion of the world, in beating Kovalev by KO. Alvarez in the fourth Mexican fighter to win a world championship in a fourth weight division.

Its the biggest win of my pro boxing career, said Alvarez right after the bout. i just make history in dethroning Kovalev as WBO light heavyweight champion of the round. Kovalev said he was the master of the 175 pounds division, but I am now. Kovalev was very competitive in the first half of the fight, but more the fight was progressing, and more I was dominating the action. It was a big challenge, but I did what I needed to do the win this crucial fight. I am sure than my fans are proud of me now.

Kovalev dominated the first round with his jabs and few power punches. Alvarez connected a couple of good shots, but he fought more defensively in the opening round.

The second was intense and pretty close. Kovalev maintained his attacks with the jabs and power punches, and Alvarez replied with few power hooks.

In the third round, Kovalev attacked intensively, and Alvarez got a couple of good counter-attacks.

The two fighters were aggressive in the fourth round. Kovalev connected more punches than his opponent, but Alvarez placed few good power shots.

The fifth round was another intense one. Alvarez got several good attacks, and Kovalev used again his jabs more than his power punches.

A good sixth round for Alvarez, who attacked intensively. He connected several good power shots, more than Kovalev.

The seventh round was another productive sequence for Alvarez. He placed more power shots than his opponent.

Alvarez fought defensively in the eight round, and several spectators booing him. Kovalev jump on this occasion to place his jabs and power shots.

The round number nine was intense and close, each fighter having his productive moments offensively.

In the 10th round, Kovalev connected more punches than his rival, but Alvarez placed few good hooks to the head and the body.

In the 11th round, Alvarez was extremely aggressive, he attacked furiously, and he knocked Kovalev out with a superb right hand on the chin.

After he fight Kovalev stated. I was tired after round 6, because I had my last fight very close to this one, but its okay, its a new experience for me. Canelo is really a great champion. A little bit right now, I didnt recover from my last fight. But its okay. Thanks for the fight Canelo, I have big respect for him. He made history.


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