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Golden Boy & The Eye Of The Tiger Management To Promote Butler, Bazinyan & Ulysse Jr.

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL - The promoter of The Eye Of The Tiger Management Group in Montréal, Camille Estephan, confirmed that he finalized a deal with the promoter of the Golden Boy Promotions organization, the former world champion Oscar De La Hoya.

Estephan said that the with this deal, the middleweight Steven Butler (26-1-1), the super middleweight Erik Bazinyan (22-0-0) and the super lightweight Yves Ulysse Jr. (17-1-0), three Montrealers, will fight on the Golden Boy Promotions boxing shows on the USA territory. The Golden Boy promotions organization is located in Los Angeles.

“Since four years, I am working closely with Golden Boy Promotions about David Lemieux, and now, we are increasing the association between the two organizations,” said Estephan. “We have a so great relation with De La Hoya and the people around him. Butler, Bazinyan and Ulysse have all a great potential, and you will certainly see them in action in USA in boxing shows organized by Golden Boy Promotions. Oscar De La Hoya will work to organize significant bouts for Butler, Bazinyan and Ulysse, to improved their chances to take part eventually to a world championship bout. Oscar seems very enthousiat to work these promising fighters. Obviously, these three fighters will fight in Montréal also. We know that the boxing fans in Montréal and Québec City love them.”

Bazinyan, one of the most talented fighter living in Canada, is ranked actually third contender by the WBO in the 168 pounds division. Butler is ranked fifth contender by the WBO in the 160 pounds division, and Ulysse is ranked nine contender by the IBF and 10th by the WBO in the 140 pounds category. Butler won 23 pro bouts by KO or TKO, Bazinyan 17 and Ulysse nine.

“Erik, Yves and me are all ranked in the world, then, this deal between Camille Estephan and Oscar De La Hoya will certainly help us to play a major role on the international boxing scene,” mentioned Butler. “You know as me that a fighter ranked in the world has always the ambition to dispute a world championship bout. The key for us, is to maintain our winning's sequence. If we maintain our winning’s sequence, I really believe we will have an opportunity to fight for a world title.”


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