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Canelo Wins Unanimous Decision Over Jacobs, Unifies Middleweight Titles

By Daniel Cloutier
Photos: Marlene Marquez

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - The Mexican Saul Canelo Alvarez promised to the Mexican boxing fans to become unified middleweight champion of the world, and he achieved it Saturday evening in the ring of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. WBC and WBA 160 pounds champion of the world, Alvarez (52-1-2) added the IBF crown to his collection, in beating the IBF champion, the New Yorker Daniel Jacobs (35-3-0), by unanimous decision in 12 rounds.

“I did what I was supposed to do to win the fight,” said Alvarez after the bout. “I simply did my job. Jacobs connected some solid shots, but I never stopped attacking in this bout and I connected more punches than him. What next? We will see. If a third fight with Gennady Golovkin is organized, perfect. “That’s why I’m here. That’s what I was born for, to fight. To defend what’s mine. I’ll fight anyone.”

Jacobs said: “I am impatient to see the tape of this fight, to see if the judges were right to declare Alvarez winner. I got a good performance, and I thought I was the winner.”

The judges scored the bout 115-113, 115-113 and 116-111 in favor of Alvarez.

The first round was close, each fighter got his good moments offensively and defensively.

The second round also was close, but Alvarez connected the best punches of the rounds with is left hook and right hand.

The third round, like the first two, was close, and each fighter connected power shots.

In the fourth round, Alvarez fought well offensively and defensively. He forced Jacobs to hit the air, and he replied with several good power punches.

The fifth round was close, each fighter connected good punches.

Jacobs dominated the sixth round. He touched the target more often than Alvarez.

In the seventh round, Alvarez connected good punches to the head…… and Jacobs to the body.

Alvarez controlled the eight round with his jabs and power shots. He connected more power punches than his opponent.

The ninth round was another close one, each boxer having efficient moments offensively.

Jacobs was very aggressive in the 10th round, he was attacking intensively, but Alvarez was productive in counterattacks.

In the 11th round, Alvarez was the most aggressive fighter, but Jacobs work well in counterattacks.

The 12th and last round was intense, each fighter connecting power shots to the head and the body.

Undefeated, Ortiz Jr. Scored A Fast Win


The Texan welterweight Vergil Ortiz Jr. stayed undefeated (13-0-0), beating the Californian Mauricio Herrera (24-9-0) by TKO after 29 seconds of action in the third round. Ortiz Jr. floored his opponent at the end second round with a furious attack with both hands.

In the third round, Ortiz Jr. maintained his intense charges, he provoked another knockdown, and at that moment, the referee intervened to declare Herrera TKO.

“I am very proud of my performance,” said Ortiz Jr,. after the bout. “I am working intensively in the gym day after day to be able to perform fight after fight. My opponent kept his left hand down, and I took advantage of the situation, I really want to dispute a world championship fight, and I would take this opportunity anytime.”

The Californian Joseph Diaz Jr. captured the WBA gold super featherweight championship, with a win by TKO over Freddy Fonseca (26-3-1), from Managua, Nicaragua. A southpaw, Diaz Jr. was intense and clearly faster than rival.

In the sixth round, Diaz Jr. attacked furiously with both hands, and he provoked a knockdown.

In the seventh round, Diaz Jr. maintained his intense attacks to the head and the body, and the Fonseca’s trainer threw the towel, conceding the win to Diaz Jr.

“I was fast and aggressive, then, I am not surprised at all by the result of this fight,” said Diaz Jr. “More I was attacking, and more my opponent was in trouble. I am ranked in the world (third by the WBC and the WBA in the 130 pounds division), and I am sure I am closer than ever to a participation to a world championship.”

Lamont Roach Jr. a fighter from Washington, D.C., stayed undefeated in 20 pro bouts (19-0-1), beating Jonathan Oquendo (30-6-0), from Puerto Rico, by unanimous decision in 10 rounds. The judges scored the bout 97-93, 97-92 and 96-93 for Roach Jr.

The first eight rounds were close, each fighter having his efficient moments offensively. Roach was faster than his rival and more accurate, but Oquendo was productive in inside boxing.

In the eighth round, Oquendo lost a point for a head butt, but the move looked accidental.

In the nine round, Roach got a great attack in the second minute of the round. He connected several power shots in a row.

Former WBA welterweight champion of the world, the New Yorker Saddam Ali suffered of his third lost in pro boxing (27-3-0). Anthony Young (21-2-0), a fighter from Atlantic City, attacked furiously in the third round, he put seriously Ali in trouble, and the referee intervened to declare Ali TKO.

For Young, it was a eight victory by KO or TKO. This 27th win gave him the USA welterweight championship.

The British John Ryder won the WBA Interim super middleweight championship of the world with a victory by TKO against the Australian Bilal Akkawy.

The fight was pretty close after two rounds, but Ryder (28-4-0) opened the machine in the third round, and he provoked two knockdowns.

Ryder maintained his intense attacks in this third round, and the referee intervened to declare Akkawy TKO.

For Akkawy, it was a first defeat (20-1-1) in pro boxing. “I was attacking at the right moment, and I am very happy of this result,” said Ryder.” I never panicked and I hurt my opponent at the perfect moment. It possibly the best performance of my boxing career, and now, I really want to face the WBA champion of the world, my countryman Callum Smith.”

Ryder was supposed to face the Montrealer David Lemieux (40-4-0), a former IBF middleweight champion of the world, but the fight has been cancelled last month when Lemieux injured his right hand in training.

The Russian Aram Avagyan won the WBC International featherweight (126 pounds) championship in beating Francisco Esparza, from Las Vegas, by unanimous decision in 10 rounds.

Avagyan provoked a knockdown in the second round with a solid left hook to the head.

Avagyan (9-0-1), who became the first fighter to inflict a defeat to Esparza (9-1-1) dominated more rounds than his opponent. He was more accurate than his rival.

The judges scored the bout 96-92, 96-92 ans 95-93 for the Russian.

“I got a good preparation for this bout, we got a fight plan, I followed it, and the result was great”, said Avagyan after the bout.

In the opening bout of the evening, the super middleweight Alexis Espino, from Las Vegas, improved his pro record to 2-0-0 in beating Billy Wagner (1-1-0), from Great Falls, Montana, by unanimous decision in four rounds.

Espino provoked a knockdown in the second round… but he lost a point, because he punched his rival when he was already on the floor.

The three judges scored the bout 39-55, 39-34 and 39-34 for Espino, who dominated all the rounds of this bout.


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