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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
Crucial Bout For Oscar Rivas

By Daniel Cloutier

MONTRÉAL — The Montrealer Colombian heavyweight Oscar Rivas will soon have the most crucial fight of his pro boxing career. Saturday evening in the ring of the Greenwich Arena in London, England, Rivas (26-0-0) will face the British Dillian White (25-1-0) in a WBC elimination bout. White is ranked WBC first contender, and Rivas is ranked 10th by the WBC, seventh by the WBA, eight by the IBF and fifth by the WBO.

“White has no respect for me, and I don’t care,” said Rivas. “I am waiting an opportunity like this one since many years, then, I won’t waist it. In winning this WBC elimination bout, I will have the guaranty to dispute a world championship in the months the to come. It’s my dream.”

Rivas believes he will be better than ever in this fight. “I improved my technique in the last months in working day after day with the trainer Marc Ramsay,” said Rivas. “I am a very determined fighter, I am a solid puncher and I am better technically than ever. I am very impatient to be in the ring to prove my talent and my courage.”

When a writer asked him to evaluate White, Rivas smiled. “White is strong physically, but I am too, and I have the speed, the power, the technique and the experience to dominate this fight,” said Rivas. “I am perfectly prepared mentally and physically for this challenge, then, watch me when the first bell will ring. White will try his best to inflict me my first defeat in pro boxing, but trust me, he will be extremely disappointed. I know I will finish the bout in the winning's corner. If the fight finishes by a KO or a TKO, I will be the man ready to celebrate.”

Rivas hopes to face the WBC heavyweight champion of the world, the American Deonty Wilder (41-0-1), before the end of the year. “Yes, my objective is to fight Wilder, and I am positive it will happen,” said Rivas.

Ramsay is more than satisfy by the preparation of his fighter for this event. “Yes, Oscar is perfectly prepared for this challenge, mentally, physically and technically,” said Ramsay. “I am expecting an intense and physical fight, but I am positive than Oscar will deliver a great performance and he will get out of the ring in the winning’s corner. Oscar knows that it’s the most important bout of his pro boxing career, and he will fight like hell to be the big winner.”

Ramsay has the conviction that Rivas is not intimate at all to fight White on his territory. “Oscar fought almost everywhere on the planet in the amateurs, then, he is certainly not intimidate to face White in England,” said Ramsay. “And when a fight begins, Oscar is perfectly concentrate on the work to achieve to win the bout. The crowd can support White, Oscar will stay concentrate on the action on the ring.”

When a writer asked him what he thinks about White, Ramsay said: “White is strong physically, he is courageous and he is solid puncher, but Oscar has the speed, the technique, the determination, the courage and the power to dominate the action in every rounds. No doubt in my mind, Oscar will be in the winning’s circle.”

Ramsay is persuaded that Rivas will face Deontay Wilder in the next months. “As WBC heavyweight champion of the world, Wilder has the obligation to face his mandatory challenger before May 2020,” said Ramsay. “No matter if Wilder wants to face his mandatory challenger next fall, next winter or next spring, the important thing, it’s to see this match up become reality. Oscar turned pro after his great amateur career, its his ambition to become world champion, and I am positive he will do everything possible to reach his goal this year or next year.”

The promoter of the event, the British Eddie Hearn, said «”I am extremely proud to present this fight, a fight which is promising a lot of action. I know that Dillian White is very confident to win it, and after this win, I will work very hard to organize a world championship fight between Dillian and Deonty Wilder.”


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