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  Cloutier’s Canada Corner
De La Hoya: "Alvarez vs. Jacobs Will
Determine Middleweight Supremacy"

By Daniel Cloutier

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — No doubt in Oscar De La Hoya’s mind, this middleweight unification world title championship opposing the Mexican Saul Canelo Alvarez and the New Yorker Daniel Jacobs, is a crucial one. Saturday evening in the ring of the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Alvarez (51-1-2), the WBC and WBA middleweight champion of the world, will face the IBF middleweight champion of the world, Jacobs (35-2-0).

“This fight, Alvarez-Jacobs will determine the middleweight division supremacy,” said De La Hoya, a former world champion. “I know that the winner of this bout will be considered as the best fighter of 160 pounds on the planet. Then, it’s a crucial fight for both fighters. Both believe Canelo’s gonna win this bout, but we will have the answer in few days…”

Promoter of the Golden Boy Promotions organization, promoter of Alvarez, De La Hoya is not worried at all for his fighter. “I know that Canelo is taking this fight very seriously,” said De La Hoya. “Normal, it’s a crucial bout for both fighters. Canelo trained intensively for several months to be perfectly prepared for this challenge. We are expecting from him a great performance. And we are expecting an intense and spectacular bout between Canelo and Jacobs Saturday evening. Jacobs is a good mover in the ring, he is excellent technically, and he can punch solidly. But he will have to perform to give a solid opposition to Canelo, who is a destructive puncher, and a brilliant fighter offensively and defensively.”

According to some rumors, Alvarez could move in the super middleweight division (168 pounds) right after this middleweight unification world titles championship. “It’s true, Canelo is planning to move up soon in the super middleweight division, and eventually in the light heavyweight division (175 pounds),” said De La Hoya, “We had a long discussion about this. And Canelo told me he is ready to have significant fights in many places on the planet, in Europe, in Asia and in America.”

Several boxing writers believe that a KO or a TKO is very possible Saturday evening. Alvarez scored 35 wins by KO or TKO, Jacobs 29.

The former IBF middleweight champion of the world, the Montrealer David Lemieux (40-4-0), is also impatient to see this fight. “Yes, I’m gonna watch this bout with concentration,” said Lemieux. “I really hope to fight the winner. It’s extremely important for me to watch each move of these two fighters.”

When we asked him who he is picking as winner, Lemieux said: “Alvarez and Jacobs are certainly two of the best middleweights in the world. But Canelo has more experience than Jacobs, and usually, he is performing great in significant fights. I got to choose Canelo.”

Just before this match up Alvarez-Jacobs, Lemieux was supposed to face the British John Ryder (27-4-0) in a WBA super middleweight elimination bout, but the Montrealer injured his right hand in training and his fight has been cancelled about two weeks ago.

“I cannot use my right hand for the next six weeks, but I am extremely impatient to return in training,” said Lemieux. “No matter if I fight in the middleweight division or in the super middleweight division, I really hope to have significant bouts this year. I don’t know if I will figure in the plans of the winner of this bout Alvarez-Jabobs, but if it’s not possible in the months to come, I would be happy if Oscar (De La Hoya, his promoter) and Camille (Estephan, his manager) can re-organize an elimination bout between Ryder and me.”


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